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   Chapter 240 Breaking Up The Array (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6780

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As for the rest of the disciples, they dispersed on the stone square and started talking in hushed tones with each other.

To avoid getting discovered, Austin too, found a place with only a few people around. He closed his eyes, sat on the floor and calmed his mind.

Since this stance of Austin's was the same as the Mysterious Realm masters at present, no one suspected a thing. They thought of him simply a poser. Plus, the disciple who he had disguised to be was hardly much noticed or even spoken to when he was in the Medicine Sect.

Because of his awful alchemy skills and weak vital energy cultivation base, not many of the cultivators were happy to even notice him.

When a whole day had passed, a cry of surprise broke the silence. It was Master Yuan!

"All right. I have figured out an elegant solution to this array."

In a trice, the three masters of the Medicine Sect and the two diabolic beasts stood next to Master Yuan by using their extraordinary powers.

"Master Yuan, you have figured out a method?"

the Chief Elder asked, finding it hard to hide awe in his voice.

"Yes. The six stone pillars are the six gates of this array. We can attack the six gates at the same time. This means that it should be cracked in half a day then.

Also, the power of this array is different at different times. At both noon and midnight the heavens and the earth or the moon and the sun come together into a transition, which is when the defending power of the array is at its weakest. We should choose either one—noon or midnight to start our attack. I must tell you, Chief Elder. We should begin soon for there is a great chance of success!"

Master Yuan exuding a firm faith in the plan elevated everyone's spirits! He was just a level three array expert. It was a great opportunity for him to enhance his cultivation base by cracking a level five array and further studying it.

"Humph! I'm disappointed. You are just a level three array expert. In other words, you don't know how to crack the

The Purple Flaming Lion King's gigantic purple water balloons were carriers of stinging powers that would make any object crumble in a moment. He sent out an army of these pummeling the pillar with extreme impact.

On top of the three-eyed scarlet bull, a pair of huge ghastly bloody horns emerged. They were said to carry the potency of the entire realm of the blood sea and corpse hill. With immense pressure, they started to bombard the stone pillar.

The attack of the five Mysterious Realm masters was a sight to behold. The ferocity of the attack mesmerized the Energy Gathering Realm and Earth Realm cultivators present for they had never seen a spectacle of this magnitude.

Blending in with the disciples of the Medicine Sect, Austin too attacked the sixth pillar. Of course, he was only using the vital energy of a level six or level seven energy gathering realm cultivator in order to avoid discovery.

The constant unceasing attack stirred the six stone pillars into thunderous sounds. The whole stone square too shook violently.

Several hours later, the six gigantic pillars growled and shook with enormous tremors. Even those who knew nothing about the arrays, started to sense that the array was about to crack.

Encouraged by this positive development, everyone involved in the attack doubled up their efforts.

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