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   Chapter 239 Breaking Up The Array (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6958

Updated: 2019-06-25 00:17

Standing below the cliff, right on the stone square, Master Yuan threw a dozen or more array flags up into the air. As a consequence, the six stone pillars quavered as did their surroundings.

"They're the array's pulsations!"

Seeing this, everyone present grew excited. They had been hoping that this would be the case, including the two diabolic beasts. With a feverish anticipation, all eyes were now pinned at Master Yuan and his next movement.

Austin was surprised too. Although there were six stone pillars on the stone square that hinted at there being an array, there wasn't a single trace seconding this hunch. But when Master Yuan hurled the array flags, the traces began to reveal themselves. How wonderful an array expert's skill is!

No wonder Master Yuan was just an Earth Realm cultivator, weak in vital energy, the Medicine Sect still needed to ask him for help by offering a substantial reward in return.

Looking around, there were so many incredibly talented people in different fields doing their bit all over the world. As was Master Yuan. In fact, right now, without Master Yuan's array skill, the Medicine Sect people and the two diabolical beasts would have had hard time finding out an array hidden in the six stone pillars even if they went to great lengths.

So Master Yuan's discovery was like an animal finding a source of water in the forest. Much needed and cooling! Relief was clear on the crowd's face but Master Yuan, who was dressed from head to toe in a grey garb, was serious, not betraying a single emotion.

"At the entrance of the Cloud Cave, a level five array can be found. How extraordinary!"


The superiority of the array was a blow to their morale and a trigger for a hundred questions in their mind.

How was a level-five array even conceived? Logically, such a powerful array could only be set up by an array expert of the same degree.

It was common to meet a level one and a level two array expert. Level three array experts, like Master Yuan, not only enjoyed great reputation for be


I see no other reason why he would have made these mistakes when creating the defending array for the cave."

"So, how should we begin, Master Yuan?"

The Steward Meng of the Medicine Sect asked promptly. He was the most anxious among all. He had been patiently hearing each and every word of Master Yuan but now decided to ask him the crux of the matter directly.

"Hmm...I still need some time to figure out a complete solution to this array. Please wait. I reckon, at most it'll take a day to figure out an effective solution to break up this array."

Hearing a definitive timeline, everyone present quietly moved away so as to not waste the precious time Master Yuan had. Though they still had many questions to ask Master Yuan, they knew all they could do now was to patiently wait and watch.

Without further ado, Master Yuan started his study. First he walked around the six stone pillars and scribbled down his observations, then he measured something on the stone ground with his fingers.

Still, what was whirring inside his mind only he knew. By this time, the two diabolic beasts removed themselves from the others of the Medicine Sect and sat down at some distance to close their eyes and peacefully rest. The two Elders and the Steward Meng of the Medicine Sect also sat down with their legs crossed to rest and cultivate their spirits.

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