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   Chapter 238 The Mystery Under The Cliff (Part Two)

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Yes. If you don't believe it, you can go and just check it yourself, said the Purple Flaming Lion King.

The Chief Elder, Elder Guan and Steward Meng began to check what was under the cliff with their spiritual sense. They wanted to make sure what was lying under the cliff before they continued the journey.

Austin, however, didn't dare to do so. After all, the Chief Elder, Elder Guan, Steward Meng, and the two diabolic beasts were all at the Mysterious Realm. He might be exposed if he used the spiritual sense. He learned to be mindful to every other powerful person near him. He could not afford to draw suspicion around him.

After a while, the three cultivators of the Medicine Sect nodded in satisfaction. They already checked what was under the cliff.

"Let's jump off and break the defensive array to the cave," said the Chief Elder as he took the initiative to jump off the cliff. Elder Guan, Steward Meng, and the two diabolic beasts followed him.

The disciples of the Medicine Sect looked each other in disbelief. The white mist swirled and waved under the cliff. A strong wind was whistling like a howling wolf. An icy vapor made them shiver to the bones. It seemed like a bottomless abyss to them.

The Chief Elder, Elder Guan, Steward Meng, and the two diabolic beasts were all at the Mysterious Realm, and they were capable to float in the air. They didn't care about the depth of the land. But the strongest one among these disciples had only reached the Earth Realm. None of them dared to jump off the cliff. They knew exactly that nobody would be alive if one of them did so.

They started to panic and be hesitant, not knowing what to do.

"Jump off the cliff! You won't get hurt!"

Elder Guan's voice came from under the thick mist.

Upon hearing that, the disciples felt much relieved. They trusted Elder Guan so much that they even risked their lives.

Several bold disciples first jumped off the cliff. Austin was one of them.

Austin knew that Elder Guan woul

om its physical appearance.

There was no mysterious pattern engraved in the pillars. The pillars were full of bumps and hollows because of their old ages. This must be another sign that these pillars were surely there a long time ago.

Austin sighed with profound resignation, as he knew next to nothing about arrays. 'If Fanny's grandpa were here, he would figure out how to break the array, ' he thought. Then he suddenly realized that he had not seen Fanny for a while. Maybe she was punished by her grandpa for her inappropriate gestures.

While Austin was in his own thoughts, Master Yuan gently walked towards the pillars.

He walked around the fix pillars to check their arrangement. Then he furrowed his eyebrows, lost in thought.

After a while, he took out more than ten array flags and threw them out one after another. Some landed on the ground around the pillars, the others in the middle of the pillars.

Every time an array flag landed on the ground, the surrounding space twisted a little, and the array flag disappeared in the air, as if there was nothing threw in there.

When all the array flags disappeared, there was a low pressure accumulated in the air around the six pillars. Everyone was stunned as they were looking at it. They held their breaths as they waited to see what would happen next.

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