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   Chapter 237 The Mystery Under The Cliff (Part One)

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The Chief Elder of the Medicine Sect became thrilled when the Purple Flaming Lion King agreed to work with him. He used his hands to salute and politely uttered, "Lion King, please show us the way. We're not here to waste any moment. Let's break the defensive array of the Cloud Cave just in case anything bad happens."

The Purple Flaming Lion King and the three-eyed scarlet bull looked at each other and exchanged a meaningful glance. Then they gently turned around and trekked toward the peak of the mountain.

The Chief Elder, Elder Guan, Steward Meng, together with all the other disciples of the Medicine Sect followed after them. No one expected that the fierce fight would end up like this. Everything was a big mess. The trees were burned into ashes, the stones and gravel were all over the place, and some animals were dead.

Austin carefully watched as they moved to the peak of the mountain like a flock of birds.

"I did not expect that both parties would cooperate with each other. Damn it! How are we going to fish in troubled waters? The Medicine Sect has three cultivators at the Mysterious Realm, and the two diabolic beasts are equally strong. It's a piece of cake for them to find me. What could I do?" Austin said to Violet.

A bitter smile cracked his lips. He knew that all cultivators at the Mysterious Realm had spiritual sense. If he followed them, the three cultivators from the Medicine Sect could easily find him. He must have thought of a plan. He did not think that he could deal with anyone of the three cultivators or the two diabolic beasts.

Suddenly, Violet gave him a cunning smile and said, "Master, I have a good idea."

Austin was a little shocked. "And what is that, Violet?"

"You can disguise as one of the disciples of the Medicine Sect. After the defensive array of the Cloud Cave has been broken, we can enter the cave and act accordingly," Violet stated.

"How can we do that? Do you have a way?" Austin was still confused.

"Master, don't you remember that making an illusion is an easy thing for me? We need to kill a dis

reful and maintain a low profile if he did not want to get into any trouble.

Four hours had passed, and they were halfway up. The whole area was clouded by a thick white mist that gave minimum visibility. Moreover, people's clothes were dripping wet from the mist, and it made them feel uncomfortable. Austin's Golden Sun Scripture, however, could produce positive vital energy. He started the Golden Sun Scripture, and his clothes were soon dried.

When Austin caught up with other disciples, they were standing there, staring at a place. Obviously, they had arrived at the destination.

Austin looked in the direction where the others were staring at. But first, he made sure that he was not suspicious and moved gently along with the other disciples.

Ahead of them was a cliff. No one could even find the cliff if they didn't stand at the edge of it. They never knew what was under the cliff, as the mist was all over the place.

The Chief Elder, Elder Guan, Steward Meng, and the two diabolic beasts were standing at the edge of the cliff. They silently observed the place.

"The entrance of the Cloud Cave is located under the cliff. Am I right?" asked the Chief Elder as he looked at the two diabolic beasts. He only knew that the Cloud Cave was on the mountain, but hadn't had the time to find out its exact location as the two diabolic beasts had stopped them.

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