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   Chapter 236 Cooperation (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6601

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Elder Guan reached out his hand to stop the bull by its horn. A small black herbal pot showed up on his palm. The herbal pot swelled when it met wind and expanded one hundred times. It then wrapped a violent vital energy force around the three-eyed scarlet bull, rumbling and rolling the beast in the air.

Austin was looking up as he watched the earthshaking battle from afar. It was a battle that made the sun give forth no more of its light and the mountains collapsed. He swallowed and thought to himself, 'Is this the battle between Mysterious Realm cultivators? It's dazzling. The Earth Realm cultivators are nothing compared to the Mysterious Realm cultivators. They are too lame.'

The cultivators exhausted their mysterious skill as they continued to fight in the air. Thunderous sounds were echoing the place. Strong lights of different colors were bursting out from time to time. Even the word magnificent wasn't enough to describe the beautiful sky at that time.

... ... ... ...

"Excuse me for interrupting you," said the Chief Elder as he suddenly backed off quickly. What he said was just a plain sentence and yet it thundered the sky and the ground. He raised his head in a majestic way and added, "I guess that you are also trying to figure out how to break the defense of the Cloud Cave.

However, as the defense of Cloud Cave was designed by Great Sage Cloud himself, which cannot be underestimated, it must be very difficult to break.

How about this? I suggest we cooperate to break the defense of the cave together.

Three of us from Medicine Sect, together with you two, the Lion King and Brother Bull. We have equivalent cultivation bases of Mysterious Realm. Moreover, we also paid a high price to invite a three-staged array expert, Master Yuan, to help us to break the defense of Cloud Cave.

Believe me, with strengths of five cultivation bases of Mysterious Realm and array knowledge of Master Yuan, through brutal force or by

ust have left a lot of treasures. It should be way more sufficient for us to distribute.

Besides, the main purpose of our visit is to get the powerful crystal. We don't care about the rest of the treasures because they are useless to us. Thus, you can just take them if you like."

The Chief Elder seemed very generous when he spoke.

The Purple Flaming Lion King and three-eyed scarlet bull looked at each other. They had been working together for half a year. Thus, they already had an agreement.

Reading each other's mind, both of them decided to pretend to cooperate first. They would make further movements about their plan once they successfully entered the cave.

"Okay then. In that case, we will cooperate with you human being once.

But I have to warn you not to play any tricks on us. Otherwise, don't blame me for tearing you into pieces.

Human is the most cunning species after all," roared the Purple Flaming Lion King.

The Chief Elder was overjoyed upon convincing the two diabolic beasts.

"Well, don't worry about that since we aren't well-matched in strength. It won't be a smart choice for us to play tricks against you."

The Purple Flaming Lion King let out a heavy sneer.

However, it was still a good thing that both sides finally agreed to cooperate.

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