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   Chapter 235 Cooperation (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6669

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Among the three People of Medicine Sect, the Chief Elder barely had much difference to the Purple Flaming Lion King. The thought of just having a slim chance for them to win the three-eyed scarlet bull was beating everybody. They were certain that they would lose regardless if Elder Guan and Steward Meng worked together.

The Chief Elder was sent to the Cloud Cave as soon as the Medicine Sect received the news about Cloud Cave. Moreover, the Sect had also exhausted all their connections and paid an expensive price just to hire an array expert to go with them.

However, they never expected that Purple Flaming Lion King had occupied the peak when they came. Thus, it would be impossible for anyone to get close.

Actually, the Chief Elder, Elder Guan, and Steward Meng from the Medicine Sect had already discussed this. Based on what they agreed to, they would leave the Chief Elder to distract and deal with the Purple Flaming Lion King. Elder Guan and Steward Meng would then have time to break the defense of the Cloud Cave together with other people. They were doing all these, so they could take the treasure inside the Cloud Cave.

It was said that the Cloud Cave was where an ancient strong man named Great Sage Cloud performed his practice.

Moreover, this was also where he trained and left his treasures. Breaking into the cave was extremely hard because it had been severely arrayed. If one wanted to go into the Cloud Cave, he would need to break its defense first.

This mystery about the Cloud Cave was only a legend that was passed among cultivators. In fact, nobody really knew where the mysterious cave exactly was.

Even its existence was questionable!

However, if that was so, then how did the Medicine Sect find out its location? It was because of an ancient book found in the library of the Medicine Sect. There were clues of Cloud Cave's whereabouts in the book. Some of the Elders found the place's specific location through those hints and it tur

I have been well-prepared."

As he said those, a big dazzling ball under his right front leg suddenly flared and immediately struck towards the Chief Elder in fierce speed.

The Chief Elder of Medicine Sect knew that the fight between them would be violent. As one of the Elders of the Sect, it had been so long since he had gone into a fight with anyone. He was often staying inside the headquarters and seldom went out.

He calmed his mind. His spiritual energy spiraled around his body. Then without any ado, the white robe wrapping his body inflated like a blown-up balloon.

Elder Guan was ready to fight back as well. He raised his left hand to his chest to hold the air. A pink flame suddenly appeared in the center of his palm and began swinging. It was a special fire called Unearthly Fire that he accidentally found in a huge gap. After he refined it, the flame had become a good weapon for his daily alchemy and a sharp weapon.

Elder Guan shot a glare at Steward Meng, and said, "Go ahead."

He raised the special fire. The flame was immediately divided into seven identical pink flames, swirling around Elder Guan at a high speed.

The three-eyed scarlet bull suddenly wailed. He lowered his head and a pair of illusory horns appeared from nowhere. He then aggressively dashed to Elder Guan.

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