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   Chapter 234 A Sixth Level Three-eyed Scarlet Bull (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-06-24 00:15

However, things seemed to go south now. The Lion King seemed to sense their intentions the moment Elder Guan took off. It understood that these humans were planning to break into the Cave by distracting him.

It roared with fury and stamped its giant legs. The air under his body spread out as if it had been forced out by an impact wave. Then, without any delay, the Lion King turned in the direction where Elder Guan and Steward Meng were climbing as fast as they could. Despite its huge bulk, its speed was amazing, and it started chasing them like a flash.

It also raised its right front leg and a purple ball of light appeared alongside his paws, spinning fiercely. The ball was getting larger and larger as time passed, and within the blink of an eye, it achieved a diameter of nearly an entire meter. Now, the ball was emanating purple flames like the Lion King himself, and an enormous amount of heat was spreading out in all directions.

As cultivators at the Mysterious Realm, both Elder Guan and Steward Meng also possessed the ability of spiritual sense. Even though they were busy with their climbing, they still sensed that the Lion King was chasing them, and both of them felt shocked when they felt a wave of unimaginable and intense heat approaching them and getting closer by the second.

However, the Chief Elder wasn't going to just stand by on seeing the lion go away. He gave a snort of contempt and his body turned into a flash of white light. He then dashed towards the Lion King as fast as his enemy was. In an instant, he had reached alongside it and was matching its pace. His tulwar was spinning in front of him continuously, and the wind that it generated was flying towards the Lion King and suppressing the power of the ball it had created.

The Chief Elder then looked into the Lion King's huge eyes calmly and challenged in a calm voice, "Your opponent is this way, Lion King!"

The Lion King turned his head and looked at him. Its long purple mane was flying in the wind imposingly. It was

their terror.

As a matter of fact, all the sixth level demonic beasts could understand and speak human language because they had an extremely powerful and developed spiritual sense along them.

"Hey, Mr. Bull! Where were you just now? Stop those two men right there! They are trying to break into the Cave!" the Lion King shouted at his ally from a distance.

It was still holding the spinning purple ball under its right front leg, but there was a hint of relief in its eyes now.

"I got you! I was wondering how to break into the cave when you told me to take care of things. That is the reason I am here. Relax, pal! I don't think these rubbish fighters could get anywhere near the treasures inside!"

The bull turned up its nose at Elder Guan and Steward Meng, and a hot vapor jetted out from its nostrils.

The faces of the three people who had originally confronted the Lion King turned pale instantly at the appearance of the bull. Precautions cannot ward off sudden attacks. Besides, It might have been possible for them to get rid of the Lion King when he was alone. But right now, things were complicated.

What's more, it was obvious that the strength of this three-eyed scarlet bull was nothing less than that of the Lion King. Maybe, it was even more powerful than they could imagine. Things were not going their way!

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