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   Chapter 233 A Sixth Level Three-eyed Scarlet Bull (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7136

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It might not have been furious with the man's words, but the Lion King was annoyed, and it couldn't keep that down. Suddenly, it let out a large, powerful roar that seemed to shake the whole sky. The purple flames, which were giving its brilliance, rose more than ten meters in the air. In just a moment, the sky turned purple. The three masters standing in front of the Lion King also saw a similar shade and the green of the trees had also dissolved now. The flame was extremely bright and dazzled everyone who saw it.

The Chief Elders of the Medicine Sect warned his companions, "Watch out!"

Hardly had he finished his words when the Lion King let out another terrible roar and a strong column of pure energy shot out from its large mouth, rolling all the way in front of it like a giant furious dragon. It was aimed at the three people from the Medicine Sect.

Within the blink of an eye, the energy column came up to them and their white robes started blowing in the wind brought along by it.

The middle-aged man who had become annoyed just now was almost pushed out of breath by the pressure pouring over him. He was shocked by the strength of the Purple Flame Lion King. It had looked like that Lion King had just opened its mouth carelessly, with no intention to attack them. But even that one careless roar was so powerful that the entire sky had turned purple. The man was now afraid and almost trembling. He was also regretting his arrogance.

The Chief Elder, standing in the middle, waved his hands and a sharp tulwar appeared in front of the three of them. The next moment, it started to spin, creating a circle with its handle as its center. A white disk made out of light was formed as it kept on spinning at an extreme pace, stirring the surrounding air. Gusts of wind poured out one after the other, and a giant, spinning, wind shield was formed to protect them in no time.

When the purple flame column and the wind shield ran into each other, the whole world seemed to stand still for a moment; one or two seconds later, a dull boom like thunder was heard. But the flame and the shield seemed to have

re flapping exactly like an eagle, and would often stay stationary like the wings of a real eagle did!

It wouldn't be right to mention these wings without talking a little about where he had gotten them. Steward Meng had found these in an ancient relic by accident. At that time, even though he had reached the preliminary stage of the Mysterious Realm, he was only able to glide in the air for a short moment, which could not have been called flying. After getting these wings, he could now fly wherever he wanted to.

Also, his flying speed had increased, and he was more than a dozen times faster than other ordinary cultivators who were at the same level as he was. He could also fly for as long as he wanted to now.

Hidden behind the tree, Austin couldn't help fixing his eyes on the wings that had sprouted on Steward Meng's back without batting his eyelid, burning with admiration and envy. He wished that he could get such a pair of wings one day; then he also would be able to fly in the sky like a bird.

When Elder Guan and Steward Meng set out one after the other, the people from Medicine Sect who had come there to act as backup readied their breath and rushed to climb the mountain. They had already been informed before they were leaving their sect that they should follow Elder Guan in case such an incident took place. They knew that the Chief Elder was fighting the Lion King for them.

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