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   Chapter 232 Purple Flaming Lion King

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Austin was utterly shocked. A sixth-level diabolic beast? What was that supposed to mean? Violet was a third-level demonic beast and was as powerful as warriors at the preliminary stage of the Earth Realm. In fact, she could even be considered slightly better than them.

A sixth-level diabolic beast would then be as powerful as warriors who had reached the Mysterious Realm. And if that wasn't enough, diabolic beasts also had inherent physical advantages, so no ordinary master of the Mysterious Realm ever dared to provoke them.

In the face of those three masters of the Mysterious Realm and a sixth level diabolic beast, a cold sweat began to pop out of Austin's forehead. 'There is a real possibility that I will be killed if either of them finds me, ' he thought to himself.

'Was I wrong in my choice? Should I not have come here? I mean I may end up dead without getting what I want.'

However, he refused to yield even in the face of such a crisis. Besides, nothing could be gained if you sat idly on your couch. After a moment of panic and hesitation, Austin gritted his teeth and decided to fight it out with them.

Violet, residing in his mind, was also reluctant to give up so easily, and therefore, the two braced themselves to move secretly a few dozen meters forward. They found a huge tree and hid behind it.

They could see a gentle hillside in front of them.

Glancing from his hiding spot, Austin saw a sight he had never heard or seen before, and probably never would in the foreseeable future.

A giant lion, roughly about eight meters long was standing on the hill side. Its large body was wrapped in clusters of purple flames which rose dazzlingly.

Its ferocity could be easily seen as it opened its large mouth and bared its fangs. Its long purple manes fluttered in the air. There was some bizarre, terrifying light in its pupils, which were glowing, and its four brawny claws were like four giant pillars.

It was near the middle of the day and the sun was shining down its head. The lion was radiating a sinister light in that yellow glow. The flames on its body would leap up from time to time and spurt to its surroundings. It looked both gorgeous, as well as dangerous. Its pupils were a strange, bloody shade of red and showcased its invincible might.

In front of that lion, several dozen meters away, stood three men clad in white, spotless robes. They were masters of the Mysterious Realm and were from the Medicine Sect.

Both the lion, as well as the group of those masters had a domineering air around

the materials required for the refining of this elixir were rare. Moreover, Heavenly Elixirs required too much effort from the refiner himself too. The highest success rate ever achieved was merely 20% when this elixir was refined, and this was achieved by the head of the Medicine Sect, who was supposed to possess the highest refining ability among all.

"Well, if you don't have ten ones, five will do."

The Lion King's loud voice reverberated in the sky. It also knew that it was a highway robbery to demand ten Heavenly Elixirs.

"Humph! Chief Elder, don't waste your time with him. We have repeatedly been polite to him, but he is still so arrogant. Let's break into the cave and take what we need!"

The middle-aged man in the white gown on the right of the leader of the company had been seething at the Lion King's rudeness for quite a while. He had reached the end of his forbearance now.

Medicine Sect was illustrious because it had numerous pill refiners among its members. Martial artists treated them as guests of honor out of their thirst for pills, and people had the greatest respect for them. They were always treated with utmost politeness wherever they went.

This middle-aged man in the white gown had made quite a number of achievements in pill refining. Moreover, he had mastered a lot of vital energy, and therefore, was quite proud and arrogant, as well as susceptible to flattery. Seeing the Lion King being so rude, he really wanted to beat him hard.

The Lion King was not angry at his seething suggestion, and laughed wildly, "Ha-ha! I knew that you wanted to rob me of my crystal, but you pretended to be nice first. Is that the true nature of human beings?"

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