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   Chapter 231 Medicine Sect

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Confusion filled Austin upon hearing Violet. Thus, he shot her a questioning glance.

"Master, have you ever wondered why a demonic beast like me roamed on the land where humans gather? Why do you think I was at the place where you caught me? Shouldn't I be in the mountains where demonic beasts belong?"

"I haven't actually thought about those things, Violet. Can you tell me why?"

responded Austin in a serious tone.

"I'm here because I'm looking for the powerful crystal."

"Powerful crystal? What is that?"

"Powerful crystals are very rare and precious natural resource. It contains a tremendous power which is even more valuable than human life or any diabolic beast.

Even we, nine-tailed demon foxes find it very important. My power will definitely advance at least ten times faster if I can get one of those powerful crystals.

I had been staying in the Grand Desolation Mountain before. Then I heard from other diabolic beasts that there are powerful crystals deeply hidden inside a place called Cloud Cave. Hence, I decided to come where the humans are and secretly look for the cave. It was when I met you, Master."

Nodding his head casually, Austin finally understood Violet's reason. Thus, he asked, "So you have been looking for the power crystals?"

"Yes. But I have been searching for five years now and still found nothing. For once, I thought the story wasn't true. I was already planning to go back to the Grand Desolation Mountain when I encountered you, Master.

I have to get the powerful crystals this time, Master. It's the only thing I ever want all these years.

Moreover, you have already obtained your spiritual sense. Your spiritual sense will definitely multiply if you have some powerful crystals too.

In addition, it is said that there are other kinds of treasures hidden in the Cloud Cave aside from the powerful crystals. Now I'm wondering if you are interested in taking those crystals too or not."

Austin started to ponder upon hearing Violet's words. It was undeniable how Violet had helped him many times since he became her master.

It was also noticeable how her cultivation base had not grown up within these years. It seemed that it was more difficult for demonic beasts to break the thresholds

tional level.

Although Austin was confident of his power, he also knew that he wouldn't last longer than three seconds before a man from Mysterious Realm. He knew that he and Violet would be killed in a snap once these three martial artists of Medicine Sect spotted them.

Fortunately, the three martial artists in white robes were focused on what they needed to do and immediately led their disciples to climb the peak. They didn't even notice Austin and Violet.

On the other hand, Austin and Violet dared not to stay too close to the group. They waited for the three martial artists to be out of their sights first before they followed their direction sullenly.

They had already been climbing the steep mountain for quite a while when they suddenly heard a beast howling furiously.


The sound was so loud that it made the mountain tremble. The birds and the other animals fled with fear! The peace of the forest was suddenly gone!

"What a mighty demonic beast it must be! It must have frightened the whole mountain!"

said Austin with shock. He could hear the howl echoing in his ear long after it was done.

He looked around and found Violet's seductively beautiful body trembling. Obviously, she was frightened as well.

"Master, if my guess is right, it is a sixth-grade diabolic beast. Where there are precious treasures, there sure is a diabolic beast guarding it. I think this diabolic beast is guarding the Cloud Cave."

'What? A sixth-grade diabolic beast!'

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