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   Chapter 230 The Powerful Crystal

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He had finally succeeded in bringing up the fire! Excitement flooded Austin's handsome face.

According to the tenets of the Elixir Foundation, making the fire was the first step to becoming a pill refiner. And his ability to call it forth meant that he had the potential to become a pill refiner. A lot of people who had just started learning to refine pills couldn't even make the fire.

Only ones with a strong, good-quality vital energy had a chance. Besides, it also required having good control of the vital energy. Not meeting these requirements meant that they couldn't conjure the fire.

At first, Austin had only wanted to try if he could make it. But he hadn't expected to be successful just days after his first trial.

Other pill refiners would surely be astonished at this fact. And they had reason to disbelieve it, because it usually took a regular pill refiner one, or even a few years to make the fire. And Austin bringing it up after mere days of learning was nothing short of a miracle.

Austin let out a happy sigh of relief as he looked at the fire glowing in his hand.

With just a flicker of his will, the fire disappeared immediately. What was more, it reached his elixir field through the energy meridian, and settled down in a quiet corner.

"So this is the fire of a pill refiner!"

Austin mumbled to himself. Willing it to change yet again, Austin made the fire pass back through the energy meridian into the palm of his hand, appearing with a sharp crack. He repeated the process a few times, and found that he was getting better at controlling the fire with each round.

It was a pleasant surprise to Austin that he was able to finish the first two steps of pill-refining in just a few days. All that remained was to buy some spiritual herbs to assist him in refining pills.

He also needed a cauldron. Once he had everything ready, he was going to learn how to do it.

The problem was, all those things were all very expe

The two strangers didn't speak any further as they looked around the shop. When they found that nobody seemed to have noticed them, they let out sighs of relief.

Austin didn't have to look at them to hear what they were saying. His spiritual sense had been strong enough.

And listening to them had proven that they weren't martial artists of the Violet Orchid Empire, but belonged to the Medicine Sect, a sect from abroad.

He wondered what exactly the Cloud Cave and the powerful crystal they were talking about were.

His curiosity was pierced by Violet's voice ringing through his mind, sounding shaky because of how excited she was.

"Master, did someone just mention the powerful crystal?"

Austin knew that Violet also had a good spiritual sense, only slightly weaker than his.

Although she was hiding in the Illusion Bead, she had the ability to use her spiritual sense to observe things around them as long as she wanted to. But her overhearing the two martial artists might have been unintentional.

So Austin told Violet everything he had just heard.

"The powerful crystal! The Cloud Cave! Oh my God! They are both real! Unbelievable! That's exciting news!" !"

Violet's surprise translated into her gasping so excitedly that she almost couldn't form complete sentences.

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