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   Chapter 229 Kindling The Fire Of Vital Energy (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5866

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He looked at the Space Ring given by Lorenz. It had a twenty cubic meter space for storage. Austin thought of giving this to either Evan or Herbert.

After he organized the Space Ring, Austin took a book out of the drawer. It was the book of Elixir Foundation.

This was the book that Mindy gave him at the Valley Town. It was a copy of the ancient book about alchemy given by the head of the Zhang clan. He repaid this book for all the help that Austin gave them. If without Austin, they might not survive what they have been through.

Austin heard of the mysterious power of alchemy. When he got the book, he thought that he would study it after the competition he was in. Since the Top Ten Outer Disciples Ranking Challenge was over, he was now ready to begin reading the book.

As of now, he had to stay in the Peace Town for days. He kept on waiting for the shopkeeper to prepare the elixirs he would use for cultivating Overlord Body-refining Formula.

Thus, Austin intended to use his spare time to study the alchemy and saw if he had the potential in this area.

Pill refiner was an honorable and respectable profession. If he would be like one in the future, he would be able to use the elixirs he refined for his own cultivation.

So he opened the book and started reading it.

Austin was surprised when he read the table of contents. He found out that the original book was written by an ancient pill refiner more than a thousand years ago. By a lucky coincidence, this ancient book was discovered by the Zhang Clan of the Valley Town.

The Elixir Foundation stated that there were several cultivation phases in mastering alchemy.

First of all, learn to recognize the nature and taste of medicinal materials. There wer

rmed it into a ball.

Austin sensed the air around his palm was gradually increasing its temperature.

What he learned from failures was the key to success was always good concentration. If you want to succeed, you should do your work without any distraction.

The massive vital energy gathered on his palm was getting contracted but dense. Austin softly screamed as he exerted all his strength to draw out the vital energy from his elixir field. He quickly channeled it to his palm, and gave it a strong pressure.

The ball made of vital energy suddenly bounced out. It was very strong and looked powerful.

Austin's hands trembled as they got heavy. But he bit his lip and persisted. The light golden ball in his elixir field emitted its strongest force and kept on pressing toward the vital energy ball.

After a while, a low crackling sound was heard when the vital energy ball shrank into a size of a rice grain.

Then a golden flame was formed in his palm. The fire was blazing hot, dancing on his hand.

With its high temperature, the room suddenly turned hot.

The whole area was getting hotter as the flame continued to fire up.

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