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   Chapter 228 Kindling The Fire Of Vital Energy (Part One)

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Austin was so impressed when he looked at the noble man in front of him. The young man seemed luxurious by the style of his clothing and manners. Austin secretly thought, 'We don't know each other yet he help me. There must be a reason.'

Austin took a few steps toward the chair in front of the young man. He sat calmly as he observed the physical appearance of the young man.

The young man suddenly widened his mouth with a big smile and said, "I'm so amazed when I saw you beat an ignorant ruffian using your skills. Your cultivation base must be fantastic.

I want you to know that I admire your talent. You are so quick and great at battles. Oh by the way, I am Lorenz. It's my pleasure to meet you."

Lorenz said as he extended his right hand to Austin, showing respect. He uttered positive comments about Austin. His elegant demeanor showed that he received excellent upbringing and education.

"I was forced to fight them. It was not worth mentioning. By the way, thank you for your help. I thought you must have something else to say."

Austin seriously looked at the young man's eyes.

"Fine. You're a straightforward person. So I'll get straight to the point."

The young began talking.

"I'm not a native in this place. I'm just passing here during my journey.

I come from P City. You must have heard of P City, haven't you?"

Austin was not surprised when he heard that the young man was from P City. With his extravagant appearance, the young man must come from a big place.

Each of the ten counties in the territory of the Violet Orchid Empire had dozens of towns under its jurisdiction. In fact, Peace Town was just one of the towns in P County.

P City was the county seat of P County. It was the biggest and most prominent c

of strong masters to assist Lorenz in his every step.

Since the imperial city was a flourishing megalopolis, a lot of talented people in terms of martial arts gathered there. Austin thought that it would be fine to take the offer.

Austin gradually put the Space Ring inside his pocket.

"I accept your offer. I will go to imperial city and promise to assist you," Austin said.

Lorenz showed a big smile and thanked Austin for his decision. He slightly bowed his head to Austin and talked.

"Very well, my friend. Thank you. It's a great honor to meet such a talented person like you. I become more confident that I'll win the contest."

Later, they celebrated in the Lotus Tavern. They ordered a lot of sumptuous dishes and drank until the sun sets.

After the dinner, Lorenz reassured Austin that he would send one million vital energy crystals and some elixirs to the Peace Town every month.

Then the young man said goodbye to Austin and left with his partner. . . .

Austin walked along and returned to his rented inn. When he got to his room, he sat to his bed and transferred the half a million vital energy crystals into his own Space Ring.

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