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   Chapter 226 Meet Young Ruffian Again

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 11042

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Austin placed his Violet Royal Sword away, and then found about five or six thousand vital energy crystals.

"Such a beggar!"

Austin cursed, feeling very unsatisfied about his earnings that day.

Austin was about to spend 1 million vital energy crystals without hesitation. However, those five or six thousand vital energy crystals were still of great importance to him. He refused to ignore any crystal or leave them uncollected. Therefore, he placed those vital energy crystals inside his Space Ring.

Then, he dragged the two bodies and buried them in a remote forest.

He came back to the hotel and immediately fell asleep. It was around noon already when he finally woke up.

He got up and found nothing else to do for the day. Thus, he decided to have some fun in town.

At the same time, a fierce-looking man in black bellowed out a roar of sadness in a remote forest outside the Peace Town.

Anger had already engulfed him. He seemed to have gone mad with despair.

Two bodies were lying before the middle-aged man in black, which had already been bitten by wild dogs or other beasts. They were Marvin and Billy.

"Who did this? Who killed my son? I will definitely find out who the murderer is and avenge Marvin.

It must be Austin. He did this. He murdered my son and let him rot here.

Marvin came here to hunt Austin. Now he's dead. It must be Austin who killed him. Austin, you filthy murderer.

I will personally hunt you down and kill you.

... ..."

The middle-aged man turned out to be Johnson, the uncle of Marvin and steward of the Sun Sect.

But the truth was that Marvin wasn't really Johnson's nephew. He was actually his son. Johnson cheated on his wife and had an affair with his sister-in-law. Marvin was then borne from that affair.

They were connected by blood. Therefore, Johnson swore to kill Austin and avenge his son. Nothing could quench his anger, except killing and spilling Austin's blood.

... ... ... ...

Back inside the tavern, Austin went up the stairs quickly and reached the second floor.

The first floor was used to accommodate the establishment's regular customers.

However, the second floor was different. It was decorated elegantly and exquisitely. Only those distinguished and rich customers could book a table on the second floor.

"Sir, what're you doing here? Each guest will be charged with 400 vital energy crystals even if you don't have a meal on the second floor," said a waiter to Austin.

He blocked Austin's way into the second floor. Austin was only wearing ordinary clothes and seemed to be nobody, or just an insignificant disciple from an unimportant sect.

Meals were extremely expensive in the Lotus Tavern, and those regular warriors couldn't even afford a meal here. However, some poor warriors would sometimes earn some money out of sheer luck and want to have a taste of the extravagant life inside the Lotus Tavern. They would book a table just to show off.

This waiter must have confused Austin with one of those poor warriors who suddenly got rich.

Anybody who booked a table on the second floor would be charged with 400 vital energy crystals, even if he hadn't ordered a meal.

However, when those poor warriors found out that the entry charge on the seco

lth, he took the girl to the most luxurious restaurant in the town. If everything went according to his plan, he would definitely have some fun in bed with his fiancee tonight.

However, he was offended when he saw a regular young man walking up the steps and casually strolled in the room on the second floor.

Actually, he despised all people from small towns and villages.

When he caught Austin's facial expression, he thought he must be shocked and embarrassed by the high prices on the menu.

He couldn't help laughing loudly.

"Bro, you have no idea how many beggars are living in this town. They will never be you, no matter how hard they try. A thousand vital energy crystals are but change for you. But for them, a crystal is perhaps all they have," said the beautiful young girl.

She just couldn't miss the chance to please her husband-to-be.

The waiter took the hint and joined this couple in making fun of Austin.

"You're right, my lady. So many poor men tried to look rich by ordering dishes on the second floor but eventually got themselves embarrassed when they read the high prices on the menu. None of them could afford any dish we offered. They just had no money at all. Haha!"

All of them thought Austin must be one of those young men who tried to appear rich. Their lives were quite boring for them and they just couldn't miss the chance to laugh and insult those people they deemed inferior in social stature.


Austin finally raised his head and shot a curious glance at the couple sitting on the other side of the room. He found them repulsive, as if they were two flies trying to disturb his good mood.

He shook his head helplessly, looked away from them, and continued to read the menu carefully and slowly.

However, Austin's scornful and cold glance angered the young master. How dare he, a nobody, look down on him, especially when he was with his fiancee on a date.

"You're so impolite and rude to me. Do you even know who I am? Have you ever realized the difference between your stature and mine?

Afu, go and slap him on the face 10 times. He should be taught a lesson and learn to show some respect to a lord."

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