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   Chapter 225 Executing Marvin (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 10952

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Billy wielded his spear and aimed it at Austin. With his half level spear intent, Billy could transfer his energy to his spear and provide it with a powerful vital energy force. Dozens rays of spear-light emanated from his spear. Without wasting time, he ordered them to attack Austin.

It was the first time Austin was fighting Billy and his first time fighting someone who had comprehended spear intent. Austin began on the back foot, finding it difficult to deal with the spear-light that Billy had sent at him. But as he had understood level two sword intent, he knew he could defeat Billy with his understanding. Dodging the relentless attacks of the spear-light, Austin began using his sword intent to dispel them.

Meanwhile, Marvin's giant palm projections had also begun attacking Austin. Undaunted by the threats, Austin taunted Marvin, his voice full of malice," Is that all you've got? You think you can kill me with this little trick? That's stupid of you. Let me show you what the true intent of a fighter means."

Austin threw his Spiritual Sense Flying Needle towards Marvin with all his might. The needle found its mark and embedded itself into Marvin's head. As the sharp, unbearable pain struck Marvin, the palm intent between himself and the palm projections was suspended. The vital energy swirling in his palms disappeared.

Applying his Wind-commanding Skill, Austin leapt up swiftly, his vital energy whirling around his legs. He dodged the attacks of the palm projections and rushed towards Billy, skidding to a halt in front of him.

Billy was still wielding his spear and attempting to attack Austin. But being this close to Billy, Austin was immune to his half level spear intent as his own level two sword intent was protecting him from harm. As snow was doomed to destruction at the appearance of burning hot summer sunlight, so was the half level spear intent disintegrating before the level two sword intent.

Helpless in the face of Austin's power, Billy felt his spear turn heavier and heavier in his hand as the half level spear intent between him and his spear gradually evaporated into nothingness.

At this point, Austin had gotten a clear understanding of their capabilities so he didn't want to waste his time and energy by beating around the bush any longer. He decided to display all his vital energy cultivation bases that belonged to the preliminary stage of the Earth Realm.

"I think you need to get a feeling of my Illusory Swordsmanship," he said as he looked fixedly at Billy.

Austin began demonstrating his Illusory Swordsmanship, not once taking his eyes off the man in front of him. More than twenty rays of condensed sword radiance appeared from the clouds of sword aura that gushed off the sword intent. Whirling and emanating a strong, golden light, the sword radiance shot straight at Billy.

Dumbstruck, Billy still strove to fend off the sword radiance using his spear with all his might. The Dragon Winding Spear Skill was the best he could perform, with which he could prick, sweep, cut, and block anything much faster than usual. And this was certainly a situation that demanded it.

But since his spear intent was at a level that was way lower than Austin's sword intent level, not to forget


The rumbling and clattering sound of the fight echoed in the quietness of the night. The fight became more and more intense as minutes passed.

Rays of sword radiance strove to get through to Marvin, but were blocked by the palm projections.

"What a relief! I bet you never saw this coming," Austin mocked and burst into laughter.

He thought of their old days on Beast Mountain when all he seemed to do was run and hide from Marvin's hunt.

He also remembered being in the outer terrain of the Grand Desolation Mountain and Marvin following him to try and kill him.

If Austin hadn't been able to escape every time, he would have died several times over by now. But right now, contrary to whatever had happened in the past, Austin was attacking and Marvin was trying to escape. This was a scene that Austin had dreamed of many times, but had never turned into reality until this moment.

"I am getting tired of playing with you. Can we just end this game?" Austin almost drawled.

Austin wielded his Violet Royal Sword once again. A new group of twenty rays of sword radiance came out and attacked Marvin.

The danger that he was in did not allow Marvin to concentrate on anything else but the sword radiance. He used his Giant Magic Palm and fended off the sword radiance.

Austin wasn't one to take it to heart. Using his mind control skill, he extracted the red and the black daggers from his body. But the minute they appeared, they disappeared again, flying straight towards Marvin.

Marvin sensed it before it happened.

The daggers were dangerously close to Marvin, the blade tops pointing to his neck.

Much as he strove to ward off the daggers and as he had gathered all of his vital energy force in his palms, he did not have any other vital energy force left to withstand what the two daggers were about to do to him.

"I couldn't die. I should have killed you when I had the chance," Marvin said quietly just before the daggers cut through his neck like lightning piercing through a tree.

His head separated from his body and fell to the ground. Blood gushed out like an eerie spring as the beheaded body collapsed.

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