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   Chapter 223 Austin Lin! It's You!

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After leaving the shop and exiting the Pill Trading Street, Austin chose one of the many hotels in the area and checked in. He was going to take this opportunity to cultivate himself here.

As a cultivator, Austin clearly understood that the only thing he could rely on in this world was his strength.

Only a cultivator's strength could give him a solid base for living in this world.

Austin also hoped that one day, he could break through the Earth Realm and get revenge on the people who had attacked him.

He had almost died three years ago when he was attacked secretly. He had been an idiot at that time and for three years, and had let almost anyone bully him. But no more! Austin simply could not calm himself down and the hatred in his mind bubbled constantly every time he recalled that painful experience. The suffering he had endured in those three years had become quite a bit of a problem and had, at times, interfered with his martial arts too.

If he could not take his revenge by himself and kill the people who had made the plan and attacked him secretly, Austin believed that he would never be able to feel at ease for his whole life.

Walking into his room in the hotel, he sat down on his feet. After a short while, he entered the state where one forgot everything about oneself and could focus solely on cultivation. The Golden Sun Scripture woke up and started running inside his body. All his bones and muscles seemed to glow with its golden light.

About four hours later, Austin woke up from his cultivation trance.

Just as he was going to go to bed for a small break, he suddenly heard some voices which attracted his attention.

"Marvin, are you sure that Austin Lin has come to Peace Town?" he heard a voice ask.

Austin heard his name being mentioned. At this ungodly hour in the middle of the night, who was talking about him?

His spiritual sense had woken up which meant there was danger. This was how he could listen in on the conversation next door.

"Yes. I am completely sure that Austin has come to Peace Town. But don't worry. This time we have a detailed plan to kill him and all the people are well-prepared. We will surely kill him this time. That is the only way for me to vent my anger and hatred!' another voice answered. It was, if Austin's guess was correct, Marvin Su.

"Marvin, is Steward Su coming to Peace Town tomorrow?" the first v

ven if the thief really did hear their conversation, he couldn't have found Austin since he didn't even know who the hell Austin was.

Marvin's hatred towards Austin was stopping him from thinking clearly.

"You are right. Let's go and have a look. Hm! The thief really does not know his place if he dares to steal from us! I pity him if he gets found!"

The two started their bodily movement skill and ran in the general direction in which, that figure had disappeared a moment ago.

As the two disciples ran after that shadow, they saw that figure from a distance once again. Seen from the back, it looked staggered and flurried as if it had sensed that some people were chasing it.

Seeing that, Marvin and Billy ran even faster. Soon it looked like they would capture the thief.

A moment later, they ran into a spacious place, where Marvin and Billy almost caught up with the figure that looked to be in a complete mess at the moment.

"Hey you! You have a hell of a lot of nerve trying to steal from us! Let me see how you escape now!"

Billy shouted as he stamped on the ground with his tiptoes. His vital energy force burst out all of a sudden. His speed became much higher in a second. In very few seconds, he overpassed that figure and stood in front of him surely.

"Haha, who said I wanted to escape?" They heard a voice suddenly.

The figure was not afraid as they expected it to be, but was standing there leisurely. He raised his head slowly and a handsome face came into view, which was giving off a sarcastic smile and staring at Billy.

"Austin Lin! It's you!"

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