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   Chapter 221 Austin's Purchasing List (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-06-19 00:55

Austin was heading for the Peace Town near the Sun Sect.

Even though it was just a small place located on the borders of several big sects, Peace Town was full of life and busy people. As one of the prominent towns in Violet Orchid Empire, it's also one of the biggest, most populated and well-prospered.

The stores in this town had a lot to offer for cultivation. It almost had everything that cultivators needed for the cultivation process and development.

There were stores for weapons, pills, martial arts manuals, and even for trading diabolic beast cores. Peace Town was a one-stop town if warriors wanted to practice and focus better on cultivation.

Austin needed to buy medicinal pills and elixirs. The stores selling these were located at the streets on the southeast corner. He quickly headed there as his mind was full of thoughts for cultivation.

When Austin reached the Peace Town, he did not rush to the Pill Trading Street. Rather, he strolled around the town and went into a garment store. He bought a black robe and a black cloak. After he walked out of the garment store, he sneaked into a quiet alley. He utilized his spiritual sense power to make sure that nobody was following him around. Then he took out the robe and cloak and put them on. Austin felt a strong yet charming aura when he looked at his reflection at the glass window of a house in the alley. Nobody was gonna notice him now.

Austin hid well under the disguise of the big black robe. His lanky figure was nowhere to be seen, and one could only see a plump man in black now. Even his best friend Evan had walked past him, he would not recognize who he was.

After dressing himself up, Austi

guy in his eyes.

"Well… … I'll look around in other places and see which has better offer."

The young man mumbled and left with embarrassment.

Austin made a coughing sound that was not low enough to attract the attention of the clerk.

He walked a few steps and gradually approached the counter.

The clerk raised his head and was stunned to see a person who was fully covered in a black cloak standing in front of him. He could not recognize the gender or the age of the person. But then he managed to act professionally and greeted Austin with a big smile.

"Welcome to our store! How can I help you?" the clerk said.

Austin stepped forward and took out a piece of paper. It was the purchasing list where he put all the medicinal pills and herbs he needed. He gently put the list on the counter.

"Here" Austin answered in a monotonous voice.

The clerk quickly took the piece of paper and read what was written on it. His jaw dropped as he was shocked at what he saw on the list.

"I want to buy all the medicinal pills and herbs that were listed on it. Do you have them?"

Austin asked.

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