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   Chapter 220 The Second Step Of Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill

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Austin was sitting peacefully in the lotus position inside his grotto for cultivation. There were signs of extreme concentration on his face.

His fingers were crossed together and were making several complex incantation gestures. With each of his motions, numerous streams of golden vital energy gradually gathered between his palms.

At this moment, he was busy trying to condense the second layer of his Grand Pagoda.

Since he was now at the preliminary stage of the Earth Realm, he was confident that this realm was powerful enough for him to learn the second step of Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill.

After grasping the first step of this cultivation skill, he had become quite proficient at condensing the first three layers of the Grand Pagoda. As he continued with his cultivation practices, his golden and radiant vital energy kept on emanating and finally covered up his arms. It was giving out such a formidable aura that anyone seeing it would have been astonished.

Gradually, those streams of golden vital energy curled up inside Austin's palms and pretty soon, formed the Three-layer Grand Pagoda he had already mastered and utilized in earlier fights. The tiny pagoda was now shining with a golden light and looked like a real object.

Austin sighed with satisfaction as he felt the violent power contained in that virtual object. He was pleased about the fact that with his improvement in cultivation base, the Grand Pagoda he had condensed today was much stronger than he had ever managed.

However, this was not where his cultivation ended. Intending to learn the next step of the skill, he released another strand of vital energy and lifted the Grand Pagoda up from his palm. With a buzzing sound, it left his hands and floated in the air. The brilliant rays it was emitting made it difficult for anyone to look at it directly.

Recalling the instructions he had read in the book about this skill, Austin made several complex gestures with his hands. His slender fingers danced around, quite a bit like butterflies fluttering around flowers, and golden colored vital energy continued to come out from his palms and flow toward the Three-layer Grand Pagoda. These strands soon gathered over the pagoda and intertwined above it like numerous small snakes.

He was now starting the second step of the Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill!

Soon a visible change could be seen on the pagoda. Slowly but surely, a fourth layer was beginning to form on top of the previous three layers like a new bud appearing on a stem at an extreme pace.

A Four-layer Grand Pagoda!

Austin was excited with his success but dared not slacken off. Snake-like streaks of golden vital energy continued to flow out of his hands and merge into the pagoda which was growing taller continuously.

Soon, the fifth layer of the pagoda got its shape as well.

If Austin could condense the sixth layer of his pagoda without interruption now, he would h

ed the sands and broken branches into the sky. Birds and beasts scattered in all directions. It looked as if a small earthquake had shocked the area.

After a while, an eerie silence eventually fell upon the scene. Austin looked through the cloud of dust and was surprised to see that the vibrant forest he had seen some moments ago had now turned into a complete mess. Several dozen broken trees lay dead on the ground and all the birds had flown away.

The terrible scene in front of him left Austin dumbfounded. Once again, he was shocked by the destructive power of this grade four cultivation skill.

Snapping out of his trance, Austin noticed that an enormous amount of the vital energy inside his body had been used up. He smiled bitterly in resignation.

It was true that the Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill was extremely powerful, but the biggest downside to this skill was that it consumed ridiculously large amounts of vital energy very quickly.

After testing the power of the Sixth-layer Grand Pagoda, Austin touched the Space Ring hanging over his chest and let out a reluctant sigh.

He muttered to himself, 'Looks like I am gonna get poor again pretty soon.'

Austin now had one and a half million vital energy crystals in total.

However, he would have to spend about two thirds of that stock if he wanted to learn the second stage of the Overlord Body-refining Formula.

Ever since he had mastered the first step of this powerful formula, Austin had enjoyed several benefits of a strong body. For that very reason, he had been desirous to learn the second step of this formula too. Now that he had enough vital energy crystals with him, he decided that he should start the new cultivation as soon as possible.

Therefore, without resting even after his several days of cultivation, he left the Sun Sect in haste. He couldn't wait to find the resources required for learning the second stage of the Overlord Body-refining Formula!

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