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   Chapter 219 Becoming A Principal Disciple (Part Two)

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Elder Luo argued again. It looked like he had made up his mind to prevent Austin from becoming a principal disciple.

"Elder Luo, please remember that Austin has beaten Timothy here in public, fair and square, with so many witnesses watching. If we really cancel his qualification as per your proposal, what would the others say about us? There would be no integrity to our Sun Sect anymore!"

Elder Jiang questioned Luo angrily. His hot temper was making it difficult to bear the injustice that Elder Luo was looking to mete out.

"If we can get a real genius to the Sect by sacrificing just a little fame that our Sect enjoys, then it completely makes sense! I think you are considering fame more than anything else. Am I right, Elder Jiang?"

Elder Luo said, his voice silky and eerily elegant, giving out the impression that he was really pressing for justice.

"Fair points from both of you. But please stop arguing and listen to me for a minute. Three years ago, Austin was attacked and badly injured. His brain was hurt at that time and he lost a lot of himself.

I've heard that after the attack, for a long time, his cultivation base was stuck at the third level of the Energy Gathering Realm.

And I also heard that, around two months ago, his sanity was suddenly restored to normal. And his cultivation base was back to the ninth level of Energy Gathering Realm after only two months' cultivation. Just think about it. He has progressed from the third level to the ninth level of the Energy Gathering Realm in just two months! Such a cultivation speed already proves that he is a rare martial arts genius!"

This revelation took the Elders' collective breath away. Breaking through six levels in two months! Such speed and skill could only be described as genius.

If there was a word higher than that, even that couldn't be enough to describe the talent that Austin was exhibiting.

"From this point of view, Austin doesn't really seem like a normal person," one Elder commented.

"Rising up six levels in two months still feels too good to be true, even if he was once at the ninth level of the Energy Gathering Realm. But he can really be considered a super genius!" another Elder said thoughtfully.

nd valley that had the most intense Reiki effect in the Sun Sect.

Every cave had one separate Energy-gathering Array, which was many levels higher than that of Energy-gathering Array in Austin's previous cultivation room in his yard.

All the living fixtures and facilities were prepared in every cave.

Austin did not have much luggage. He moved all his belongings to the cave allocated to him in one go. As he set his luggage down, he looked carefully around the cave and could not help but sigh. A principal disciple was much better off than the normal disciples in the Sun Sect.

After unpacking, Austin sat down, feeling the rich spirit of heaven and earth surround him. He felt comfortable, almost as if he was at home. And it was going to be really efficient and of great help to cultivate in such an environment.

Minutes later, he crossed his legs and began to try and refine a skill. His hands crossed before his chest, with cycles of bright golden vital energy force dancing around his fingers.

He was cultivating the Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill.

The Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill was a grade four skill. Austin could implement the first step to generate a three-layered Grand Pagoda.

When he had mastered the first step, Austin had been at the sixth level of the Energy Gathering Realm. Now, he was at the preliminary stage of the Earth Realm. It was the right time for him to cultivate the second step that could generate a six-layered Grand Pagoda.

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