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   Chapter 218 Becoming A Principal Disciple (Part One)

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Everyone present was shocked when Austin was able to withstand Timothy's all-out blow. A single punch from Austin had ensured Timothy's exit from the arena. Everyone had thought that Timothy would win beyond any doubt. It felt like everyone's brains had frozen at the unexpected outcome of the fight.

The pin-drop silence went on for a long time.

A cultivator who was at the Earth Realm had been thrown out of the field by just one punch from a cultivator of the Energy Gathering Realm! How was that even possible?

After what felt like a long time, the murmurs began and then grew into full-blown discussions and arguments as people seemed to find their tongues after the shock. They were loud enough to bring down the sky.

And all these were because of what they had just witnessed! A miracle indeed that a cultivator of the Energy Gathering Realm had skipped a realm and beaten a cultivator of the Earth Realm!

Austin's cultivation base was also at the Earth Realm. But he had used the Magical Aura-changing Skill from Violet and concealed the fluctuations in his vital energy. He was also adept at managing it in battle, only showing enough vital energy force as justified the ninth level of the Energy Gathering Realm. This had made sure that nobody present had any idea about his actual strength, not even those belonging to the highest level of the Sun Sect like Sect Leader Theon and the six Elders.

Austin hid his actual cultivation base because of a few concerns that he had had. Firstly, he wanted to keep a low profile here. His experience from three years ago had helped him understand that people who excelled would become targets of unwarranted attack, just like how the highest tree in the forest bore the brunt of the strongest winds.

Plus, he didn't want his enemies to know what his actual cultivation base was, especially Jaime, who was one of the Elders in the sect. Austin had the feeling that Jaime was the one behind the secret attack three years ago. Bryan and Roger, two others belonging to the Earth Realm, might have been the other two attackers.

He was only recently promoted to outer disciple again, which had probably attracted the attentio

Austin can understand level two sword intent and he has already proven his talent in martial arts. With his cultivation base at the ninth level of the Energy Gathering Realm, he dared to face a cultivator under the Earth Realm, and took the risk of attacking him, proving that he has rich combat experience. He must have gone through hundreds of battles to accumulate such great experience.

Anyway, he is at the ninth level of the Energy Gathering Realm and just defeated a cultivator of the Earth Realm. Do you think that he is simply a crafty person?"

A tall, ruddy-looking Elder analyzed. His explanation sounded also reasonable.

However, Elder Luo sneered again, expressing his disapproval.

"Humph! What a load of nonsense you just unloaded, Elder Jiang! Sect Leader, I propose to cancel Austin's qualification! As an outer disciple, Timothy is someone who was able to reach the Earth Realm by using his own efforts and without the preferential cultivation resources from the sect. It is obvious that he is genius in martial arts, which is exactly what our sect needs!

As for Austin, I've heard that he was at the ninth level of the Energy Gathering Realm three years ago, and he's still at the same place. It is possible that there is just a minuscule chance that he might reach the Earth Realm anytime soon, or none at all.

So why are we wasting such precious time and opportunity in making sure he becomes a principal disciple?"

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