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   Chapter 217 Win With A Blow

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Timothy became more cautious when he saw Austin using the level two sword intent.

"Good job! I didn't think that you would have grasped the level two sword intent. But it's a pity that you are only at level nine of the Energy Gathering Realm. The power of the sword intent varies with cultivators of different vital energy cultivation bases. You're still no match for me!


Timothy yelled. The huge axe images above his head were flung towards Austin with a berserk vital energy force.


Austin immediately summoned the sword intent. Sword-lights shot out at the axe shadows like countless powerful crossbows.

Austin had planned not to reveal his real competence just yet, so he retained his vital energy force to level nine of the vital Energy Gathering Realm, using a special skill he had learned from Violet.

"Clang! Clang..."

A string of metal collision sounds rang through the battle ring. Although both the axe shadows and the sword-lights were derived from vital energy force, they seemed to be so real that when they collided, it sounded like actual metal banging against each other.

As the battle wore on, it seemed like Timothy was steadily gaining the upper hand. The sword intents used by Austin were blown to smithereens that turned into starry lights and vanished into the air.

The sword intent, which had filled up almost the entire battle ring, had shrunk to an area of just ten feet around Austin.

"Hahaha! I'm always ahead of you in the vital energy realm. How can an Energy Gathering Realm cultivator compete with an Earth Realm cultivator!"

Timothy said, arrogance flashing in his eyes.

"Nonsense! It's too early for you to talk big!"

Austin shot back. Despite his seeming disadvantage in the battle, he looked calm and there was no sign of alarm in his eyes.

"Hmph! Then let the results prove it!

Heaven Split Axe!"

Timothy ordered and a vital energy swirl, more than 30 feet high, appeared above his head. It sucked those axe shadows inside with a strong pull. The overwhelming axe shadows, which were spread across half of the battle ring, vanished. Apart from the crazily rotating vital energy swirl above him, everything seemed calm again.

In an instant, the vital energy swirl grew into one massive axe, which was more than 100 feet long, filling the entire battle ring. At the same time, the spiritual energy of heaven and earth gathered quickly in all directions.

Standing under the huge axe, Timothy's robe flapped about, even though there was no wind. Obviously, his momentum had risen to a high degree.

"Haha! Heaven Split Axe, kill everything that comes in my way! Chop!"

The heaven split axe skill that Timothy had deployed, gathered a violent momentum.

"Wow! The Earth Realm cultivator's competence is incredible!"

"Yes! His competence isn't less

ustin had reached the preliminary stage of Earth Realm in the vital energy cultivation base, his Spiritual Sense power had improved.

Timothy felt a sharp pain the moment the Spiritual Sense Flying Needle entered his brain. He paused for a few seconds and in that time he felt like he was knocked out of his senses.

Taking this opportunity, Austin threw another punch.

The overwhelming power of the punch surrounded Timothy.

Being unable to breathe smoothly, Timothy was in panic. Although he had reached a high level in vital energy cultivation base, he was far less powerful in physical strength than Austin, plus he had been attacked by the Spiritual Sense Flying Needle, which meant he was unable to dodge the punch.

Reacting to this crisis, he released all his vital energy force, hoping to form a protection covering around him.

But Austin wouldn't let that happen.

Before Timothy could protect himself with the vital energy cover, he had been hit in the stomach by Austin's fist.

He suddenly felt debilitating pain in his stomach, and his internal organs seemed to have been crushed with the impact of the punch. He coughed up a big mouthful of blood.

His body bent like a shrimp and he fell out of the battle ring.

The disciples who were watching the match immediately moved aside to make space, and Timothy slammed to the ground with a thud, creating a hole beneath him that was about half a meter deep.

Fortunately, the ground was covered with soft soil. Besides, Austin's intention was not to kill him, so Timothy stayed alive. Ignoring the sharp pain, Timothy managed to stand up. His injuries were not very serious, so he would recover after a period of rest and this wouldn't impact his future cultivation.

Timothy got up from the ground with a pale face. Realizing that he had no strength to fight anymore, he left the competition area, frustrated.

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