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   Chapter 216 The Clash of the Intents

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Austin stared at Timothy without blinking.

"But you are also supposed to know one thing."


Timothy was amazed.

"The outer sect is the same level to me as it was three years ago."

"Ha-ha-ha, well, that's quite ignorant of you! The former No.1 of outer Sect has undergone many changes and is beyond recognition. But soon you will know how ignorant you are!"

Timothy guffawed at him.

"Forget that I am ignorant or not, why don't you give it a try?"

Austin didn't want to waste any more words on this, so he deflected answering the question with indifference.

Timothy also said no more. The two axes that had hung on his shoulders were now firmly in his hands. His palms were three or four times larger than those of ordinary people. The two giant axes in such bulky palms made the sight all the more frightening.

The picture of Timothy was of a fierce beast's: two humongous axes in both hands, a swelling rage in his chest and a murderous look in his eyes.

And then he sparked out the endless intent from the axes, which led to black vital energy forces emerging from his body. The power was so intense that it swept the dust from the ground.

In a blur of harsh lights, the forces flared into one stage to another until they turned into illusory axes. Countless axe shadows were flying all over the sky above the arena.

Axes mountain! Axes pool! Axes graveyard! Axes mausoleum!

A world of axes was now resurrected.

And Timothy was the master of this world!

He was at the preliminary stage of the Earth Realm, and was at level 2 of the axe intent!

Straight away, a wave of sensation spread through the crowd among which, the disciples were especially in an uproar.

Timothy's vital energy flickered in its power making it clear for anyone to see that his cultivation base was at the preliminary stage of the Earth Realm.

"Oh, my God! Timothy's cultivation base is at the Earth Realm!"

"There's no question of Austin failure. He will be easily defeated by Timothy."


arted to radiate from him. Numerous interlaced sword shadows moved around him and engulfed his body in a sword aura.

With the fierce expression on his face, it seemed as if two cold piercing sword-lights rose out from Austin's eyes.

In the midst of the many sword-lights that looked like a firestorm, Austin stood tall and motionless.

Someone in the audience gasped and put his hand to his mouth. Austin's golden sword radiance had started to slash Timothy's dark axe shadows snipping them off like whimsical ribbons. They writhed and twisted to avoid the attack but the unceasing ripping movements were all over the arena.

And just like that, to everyone's disbelief the axe shadows were halved. All those who watched sat stunned at this outcome.

The sword shadows' power was as mighty if not more than the axe shadows.

Piecing the puzzle together, it was right there for everyone to see. Austin was with level 2 sword intent!

Propping their chins in their heads, most of the spectators sat at their edge of the seat.

Austin mastering the level 2 sword intent couldn't have crossed the mind of a single person present. It was all too unthinkable.

"The top 10 challenges of this year are so thrilling!" A visibly excited spectator gleefully gestured to his friend.

Even Theon and the six Elders were now captivated by Austin's prowess.

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