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   Chapter 215 Surging Swordsmanship

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Turbulent waves!

Luther growled.

Sizzling sounds rang through the air. All the people were amazed by what they saw. Luther looked like a very powerful warrior indeed.

Numerous purple sword energies encircled Luther's body. They intertwined with each other, layers upon layers. Sword-lights came in waves and undulated in the air. The waves soon spread all over the place and the whole arena was occupied by the ethereal ripples. Waves upon waves surrounded the whole arena. They were firmly knitted together and majestically forged ahead. They crashed violently in a thunderous noise that swept everything that came in their way.

That was the dual effect of the swordsmanship combining the sword intent.

Luther employed his vital energy force. All of a sudden, the monstrous waves that formed by the sword-lights raged like a roiling and roaring turbulent river. It swirled and thrashed towards Austin's direction. He would surely be in trouble if the attack reached him.

Austin faced the river of sword-lights that came at him. He wasn't fazed at all. He felt rather at ease. He was not at all threatened by Luther's attacks.

When it came to the cultivation base on vital energy, the real strength of Austin actually had reached the preliminary stage of Earth Realm. This kind of opponent would not harm him.

The preliminary stage of Earth Realm and the eighth level of the Energy Gathering Realm were too different. They belonged to different realms.

With the strength gap standing in between, a warrior at the ninth level of the Energy Gathering Realm, even equipped with one and a half level sword intent, would surely be unable to defeat a warrior at the preliminary stage of Earth Realm. Austin was confident because he was way above Luther when it came to strength level.

Moreover, Austin had already comprehended level two sword intent. He had a deeper understanding of swordsmanship than Luther. When it came to swordsmanship skills, he was more superior to Luther.

If Luther had mastered something like the blade intent, the spear intent, or the palm intent and not the sword intent, Austin would not be as calm as he was at the moment. He was lucky that his opponent was using the sword intent.

Unfortunately to Luther, Austin had a knack for sword intent. He trained his swordsmanship in preparation for this competition. He was sure that beating Luther was a sure outcome in this fight. Luther mastered only one and a half level sword intent while Austin mastered level two sword intent. Austin was at a higher level than Luther.

Luther's sword intent posed no threat to Austin.

All of a sudden, the river of sword-lights made by Luther had already reached Austin. Luther was sure that the fight would be soon over because his attack was about to tear his opponent apart.

At that moment, Austin began to fight back. He stomped on the ground and flashed away at a lightning speed. In a split-second, he was twenty meters away from where he had stood. It was time for him to show his a

n easy question. Because I have already comprehended the level two sword intent!"

Austin blurted out in a voice that only Luther could hear.

Luther was relieved to get the answer. He then jumped off the stage and left the arena.

"Austin was given the chance to challenge the third winner of last year's competition! Half an hour later, the third winner of last year will come to take the challenge."

Elder Xing's deep voice rang out again.

In the area where the top ten warriors of last year's competition were seated, a lanky man craned his neck.

"Haha! A has-been top one outer disciple! Interesting fight indeed. However, that was only child's play to me."

On the desk in front of the man, there was a plate that bore the "No.3."

Half an hour passed quickly.

During the break, Austin had been sitting cross-legged on the arena and reposed in meditation. When it was time to start the fight, he slowly stood up.

In the area where the top ten warriors sat, a man also slowly stood up.

He pushed off the ground with his tiptoe and sprang up into the sky like a shooting arrow. Followed by a rumbling sound, he landed on the arena forcefully.

When the ashes dissipated, a young man appeared with two axes on his shoulders. Each of the axes was as big as a millstone.

"Haha, let me introduce myself. My name is Timothy Sima. According to seniority, you are my senior. Three years ago, you were the number one in the outer disciples. At that time, I was only a nobody.

But the time passed so fast. Three years were gone."

Austin cracked a smile and replied, "Yes, time flies!"

"However, things changed. The world of the outer disciples is not as it used to be. Don't mistake that no outer disciple can beat you after your strength recovered to the ninth level of the Energy Gathering Realm. This is a word of advice out of goodwill. You'd better give up. Don't embarrass yourself," he said in a sincere and soothing tone. It was as if he was giving advice to an old friend.

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