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   Chapter 214 Austin Enters The Ring

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The young man, handsome as ever, felt annoyed that his opponent was condescending him. He gritted his teeth at the sheer amount of contempt directed towards him.

With a deep breath, he closed his eyes and clasped his hands into a fist. Then he felt the vital energy gaining pace, its surges rushing through his veins as he felt vital and energetic inside. His confidence began to rise. He felt his spirits lifting, and he waited for this vital energy force to completely engulf him. He took a step back and let his veins throb with energy and power. He was itching to go straight for the opponent. He waited a moment, and then charged towards his opponent.

The handsome young man's opponent stood on the other end. He watched this young lad clasping his hands. He knew this was going to be a battle he would enjoy. A cold, cunning smile ran across his swarthy, stout face.

The stout man leaned forward a little, in anticipation of the pace he was about to gather. As his torso bent forward, his legs gave way to a muffled explosion and he burst towards his opponent—leaving behind just a flash of black light.

The handsome young man was out of wits for a moment. For a second his opponent was far away, and the next there was just a flash of black light. A moment later, he found the stout man upon him. Before he could react, his opponent was ready with his fists, about to thunder down a punch at him.

The young man did not expect such pace, and before he could make a defensive move, his opponent's hand punched right onto his chest. The strong vital energy force burst like a volcano from the stout man's palm.

Bang! The punch roared.

A massive thump echoed across the ring. The handsome young man, who was moments ago ready to attack, was struck by the punch. This blow was so powerful that he staggered to gather his feet. Blood spewed from his mouth all over the ground, making a long trail of the damage.

The crowd was alive with excitement. They were here to see drama and they were going to get it.

The swarthy man's dexterity and power were appreciated by the crowd. Yet, they knew there was a massive gap between the talents of these young men. The stout one was extremely powerful, and could crush his opponent in moments.

The handsome young man took support at the edge of the ring and steadied himself. He looked pitiful and cut a sorry figure—standing there and whimpering. He wiped blood from his face, looking mentally dejected. He knew it wasn't possible for

stin too.

"Wow, looks like I am really famous.", Austin remarked.

Austin was resigned to the situation, and his cover was all but blown. Judging from the atmosphere, most people present knew him.

"Of course, as the number one in the outer sect three years ago, you were the one who all the disciples looked up to. Then quite unexpectedly, you disappeared for three years, came back to become an outer disciple again. Besides, you just defeated Billy and Marvin. How can someone with such complex experiences like yours not be famous?" Luther Hua said.

Luther Hua's eyes fixated on Austin.

"Well, you've got a point there."

Unable to refute him, Austin nodded approvingly.

"But you do know that to qualify to challenge the third place you have to defeat me," Luther pointed out.

"I understand."

Austin flashed him a wry, all-knowing smile.

"Let's make it quick then," Luther Hua said.

He raised his long sword and pointed it at Austin. At the same time a steady stream of vital energy force flew to the pointy end of the sword, and rays of shapeless yet significant amounts of sword aura began to diffuse.

Austin's battle with Marvin was not long ago, and Luther Hua was there observing him. He knew that Austin was also in the level nine of Energy Gathering Realm and possessed amazing physical strength. What was more, Austin had practiced the violent and formidable Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill that was well-known throughout the Sun Sect.

Therefore, as soon as Austin came to the ring, Luther Hua immediately became determined and focused. It was an important battle. If he didn't try his best, he was likely to lose.

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