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   Chapter 213 Battle of Wills, Marvin vs. Austin (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6389

Updated: 2019-06-19 00:47

It was Andrew Nan, the top fourth outer disciple!

Marvin had no choice but to reluctantly go back to his seat. During the time since he was defeated by Austin, Marvin had done his best and used all the resources he had to cultivate himself to the level he felt he needed to be. He finally achieved his goal only to have this chance slip through his fingers.

He had planned to defeat Austin in the Top Ten Outer Disciples Ranking Challenge. He could have taken this opportunity to get revenge on the shame Austin had attached to his name.

But Austin did not show up as he expected.

After Marvin stepped back into his seat, the challenge to the top fourth immediately began.

'Of course, there will be fierce fights between the outer disciples. Each one of them has powerful cultivation levels, but despite that I will win this fight, ' Andrew said to himself before he stepped into the fighting circle.

The higher their rank was, the more powerful the outer disciple was.

Of course the one who dared to challenge the more powerful ones were thought to be stronger. Most of the outer disciples had estimated their strength and felt confident in themselves.

These fights are not without rules. Generally, killing was not allowed in the Top Ten Outer Disciples Ranking Challenge.

The reality of it was that it had been difficult to make sure that accidents did not occur. Deaths during the fights could happen, especially when one could not control his weapon or fights accurately.

There had been outer disciples who had answered a challenge only to accidentally die, or become disabled.

In this way, if one was not confident in his own strength, they should not take the risk to go into the arena. If someone wanted to try out their skills within a challenge, it would prove to be dangerous and possibly fatal. In other words, most of the challengers were confident in their ab

th level of the Energy Gathering Realm. Do you think you are qualified to accept this challenge?" the second disciple sneered.

The first disciple, the one with the pretty features, instantly became furious at his opponent's words.

At the same time, the first disciple was a little worried since he sensed his opponent already achieved the ninth level of the Energy Gathering Realm.

It was unexpected that he would meet a tough opponent during the first round. The first disciple swallowed secretly and began amassing his vital energy. Soon his vital energy filled his whole body.

"Hm! You might as well give up now, unless you choose to be humiliated later," the second disciple said coldly.

As his opponent threw taunts his way, the first disciple clenched his hands slightly as a great vital energy force burst out of his body. The unexpected release made his heart beat faster.

The second disciple had been laughed at due to his tanned skin, so he hated anyone who resembled his tormentors. Looking at his opponent before him all he could see were those who laughed at him.

"Stop speaking, and let's fight!"

The first disciple was fed up with words. He sensed his opponent's powerful energy, but he refused to give up and admit defeat.

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