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   Chapter 212 Battle of Wills, Marvin vs. Austin (Part One)

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As Marvin moved into his stance preparing to fight, Austin's gaze turned sharp. Marvin seemed to have enhanced his cultivation greatly during the last two weeks.

Last time, when he was defeated by Austin, his cultivation base was at the eight level of the Energy Gathering Realm, and at that time his grade four palm skill, Giant Magic Palm, had reached Major Achievement Stage. He had not yet learned any palm intent, but that was no longer true since his first opponent of the day had already felt its power.

Raines was only at the eight level of the Energy Gathering Realm, and his grade four bodily movement skill could not give out the same power as Marvin' level one palm intent formed numerous palm figures.

Once their battle commenced, Marvin' right palm moved forward, bringing with it the vital energy needed to drive the numerous palms together. He charged at Raines to his chest, causing a dreadful sound to be heard throughout the Martial Arts Square.

Feeling the pain blossom within his chest, Raines shouted, "Stop, I yield!."

Raines' shout promptly made him the loser of the match, as he knew it would when he shouted those words.

But, Marvin did not stop his numerous palms. He continued as if he did not hear Raines' shouting. Bang! A sound burst out and the body of Raines flew out of the fighting court instantly like a bullet, and then heavily he fell to the ground.

Marvin was declared the winner with only one move!

The whole Martial Arts Square went into an uproar within seconds.

Flashing back to when Marvin was defeated by Austin, most of the outer disciples were shocked to find that Marvin was not as strong as they had expected. Since then, his position in the outer part of the Sun Sect had declined a great deal and he was not as respected as before.

But now that Marvin had defeated Raines, who was at the eighth level of the Energy Gathering Realm by one move, some of those same outer disciples began to look at Marvin with respect again, as they were awed

in, his challenge remained unmet.

The outer disciples within the audience also began to whisper amongst themselves as the challenge remained unanswered.

Some were guessing as to why Austin would not stand up and reply to Marvin' challenge.

Another stated that Austin did not come to watch the Top Ten Outer Disciples Ranking Challenge at all.

Someone assumed that Austin might be afraid since he saw Marvin' cultivation level had improved greatly in such a short time.

While a select few claimed Austin disdained to reply to Marvin' challenge altogether. . .

"Okay this is over," Elder Xing shouted against the growing whispers of the audience. "First, today's top fifth position will remain with Marvin."

"Next, the challenge for the fourth position begins right now!"

Elder Xing's low voice could be heard throughout the audience. His words effectively put a stop to Marvin' behavior.

With the last syllable leaving Elder Xing's mouth, a figure with great power stood up in the area where the top ten were seated. He wore a cruel expression and killing intent flashed in his eyes.

Laughing loudly like a beast, the figure shouted while looking down at the audience, "Okay, I will accept anyone who has the confidence in his own strength and truly believes they can challenge me. I'm known to break necks!"

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