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   Chapter 211 Marvin's Level One Palm Intent (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6052

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He was number one.

'Is he actually at the top of the heap?' Austin thought to himself, intensely staring at the man.

His consciousness couldn't believe how someone who looked so simple, someone who looked like an ordinary outer disciple, could be on top.

After the top tenth place was settled, it was the turn of the ninth. As the rules stated, the disciples who wanted to challenge the ninth place would play against each other first. The winner would qualify to challenge the previous top ninth outer disciple.

After a round of fights, the successful outer disciple started fighting against the current ninth place. The fight was really even.

But in the end, Paige Ouyang, the ninth placer, successfully defeated his challenger and was able to remain in the ninth place.

The Eighth one, however, was defeated by the new challenger, who became the new eighth one after their fight.

The same thing happened to the seventh disciple.

The sixth was successful in retaining his place, like the ninth.

But what interested Austin was the fact that the one who qualified to challenge the top sixth was Billy Tang.

Billy was unsuccessful though, and the sixth retained his place.

Then it was the fifth's turn to be challenged. The fifth was someone who already fought against Austin—Marvin Su.

At that time, Marvin was sitting in the top ten area with a poker face. No one could tell what he was thinking about and what he was feeling towards the whole match.

It had been a long time since Austin saw him. The last time they got together was when Austin beat him in a fight. Quickly, Austin took a glance at him.

At that moment, many outer disciples who were in the audience area started whispering among themselves.

The fact that Marvin had been defeated by Austi

rvin touched the floor of the arena with his feet and the floor suddenly cracked and sunk, like something very heavy fell on it. He smiled at Raines, as if to mock him. "You don't stand a chance, boy," he said, grinning at Raines.

Suddenly, Marvin jumped and he flew several meters up in the air. His right palm was raise and a bright yellow light came out of it. The audience could only see numerous projections of his palm.

Around the palm projections, there seemed to be a lightning snake, which contains bloodcurdling vital energy force. It filled the whole arena.

A second later, the countless palm projections started shooting down, aiming for Raines.

The whole arena lit up, and everyone was blinded by the light. The energy that was released was exceptional, and everyone, for a second, feared for their lives.

Raines' face turned pale when he saw what was coming towards him. He quickly sensed the enormity of the force involved in the attack. Nothing had hit him yet, but he already found it difficult to breathe.

This attack proved that no doubt, Marvin was actually at the ninth level of the Energy Gathering Realm!

And he already learned level one palm intent!

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