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   Chapter 210 Marvin's Level One Palm Intent (Part One)

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Go to hell! Dan shouted.

His face looked cruel as all the vital energy inside his body flowed into his wide sword continuously that he was pointing at Sarah's direction. A second after that, he was already on top of Sarah, ready to strike.

With her great reflexes, Sarah was able to get her sword into position. Her aura followed, and it filled the space she was in, making her move smoother and more forceful.

Then, an extremely powerful sword radiance shot out from the sword she was already holding. It was aimed directly at Dan, who showed no reaction towards the attack.

The aura around Sarah also started to stir, and after a while, it followed the sword that shot towards Dan.

A loud crack was then heard when both the attacks reached its destination.

Sarah was not only able to deflect Dan's attack, but she was also able to damage Dan's sword. 'I couldn't believe it, ' he thought to himself, clutching his now powerless sword.

A cultivator's intent didn't only contain the cultivator's vital energy force of his own, but it was also connected to the vital energy of the universe.

Dan's vital energy base of was very solid. Only a few cultivators at his level had a stronger vital energy than him. His sword skill was also excellent—the Trembling Earth Sword Skill was in the third grade. He practiced this skill for years and even started to learn sword intent. But his sword intent still hadn't completely formed. Because of this, he was totally overcome by Sarah's one and a half level sword intent.

Anger and frustration were burning in Dan's chest. Being so consumed by it, he didn't quickly realize that wounds were appearing in his body. His clothes also fell off from the intensity of the attack, exposing his skin. Bits and pieces of fabric were floated around him like butterflies. 'All o

second to cultivate himself, planning to find another chance to avenge his shame today.

After Sarah had successfully been ranked at the top tenth, she walked to the left of the fighting court and sat down on the chair which Dan occupied before their fight.

Austin, Evan and Herbert were all in the crowd and watched the fight from the beginning to the end.

From the very beginning, Austin's gaze was focused on the left side of the arena, where the top ten cultivators were seated.

And out of the ten figures, Austin focused his gaze on one cultivator, as always.

This one was ordinary-looking, probably aged of twenty or so. His seemingly non-assuming facade was bizarre for a top ten cultivator.

If he was hidden among the crowd, he definitely would not draw any attention. Simple, and no hullabaloo at all.

It was this man who encouraged Austin to attend the Top Ten Outer Disciples Ranking Challenge when the first time they saw each other.

And it was this man who told him that the top three of this Challenge would have the opportunity to be directly promoted to be a principal disciple.

The man was now up there, sitting quietly, his rank prominently displayed in front of him.

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