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   Chapter 209 Level One And A Half Sword Intent (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6220

Updated: 2019-06-19 00:43

Her real strength had always been her talent for swordplay. She had taken it up as a passion and now it was her secret weapon, her strength and gave her an edge above the rest.

Since none of the opponents she had fought earlier were so powerful, she hadn't needed to show her competence in swordsmanship. She had easily moved ahead using her regular skills and defeating her opponents without using her main weapon. Luckily there had been no need to use it and she was sure nobody would be expecting it from her. This secret element was something that would become an advantage for her. She knew it. Deep in her heart, she knew that she could defeat Dan, with a little smartness and cleverness.

Now standing and facing Dan in the combat, she knew she couldn't hide her real competence anymore. Dan was stronger than her in vital energy, so she had to rely on her skill with the sword to compensate for her weaker vital energy. Her secret weapon had to be revealed, otherwise there would be no chance to win. She would lose the opportunity to be triumphant and end up losing to the boastful man.

With so many thoughts running in her mind, Sarah went all out. She felt herself get filled with a new and strong surge to fight and win. Raising her sword high in the air, her mannerism changed suddenly and her attack seemed more ferocious and aggressive than what she had been doing till now. Her eyes were filled with sharpness like two streaks of sharp sword radiance glistening as they moved closer towards their target.

Instantly, her body and hands seemed to have integrated with the long sword in her hand. Her hands glided like the wings of the eagle, elegant yet strong, seemingly delicate but firm in their hold.

Sensing the change in Sarah's demeanor, Dan was shocked. It didn't take him long to realize that though he was stronger than Sar

t do? Did she use level one-and-a-half sword intent?"

someone shouted. Immediately there was a hue and cry in the crowd. People were shocked and amazed by the sudden move made by Sarah. She had done something which no one had ever anticipated.

Seeing the whirlpool of power before him, Dan's eyes were filled with fear. He never expected that the woman in front of him had already comprehended level one-and-a-half sword intent. This was totally unexpected. He wasn't prepared for this at all.

The sword intent level possessed by Sarah was enough to compensate her disadvantage in vital energy cultivation base. She had left everyone dumbfounded.

Austin had been hiding in the crowd and watching everything from the beginning. He was in a state of shock too. 'I never expected that from her! She has already comprehended level one-and-a-half sword intent!

Although the sword intent she has comprehended is half a level lower than what I did, she is good enough, ' he thought.

Sensing the overwhelming sword intent, Dan realized that he was losing ground. He had to do something soon or he would be the one ashamed in front of all the disciples. He realized how foolish it was to underestimate someone like Sarah.

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