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   Chapter 208 Level One And A Half Sword Intent (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7006

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As the tension rose to new heights and was piling up in the battle ring, Sarah stood there, anxious and hopeful.

It was Sarah's turn to compete against Dan. She knew how important the challenge was and the hurdle that laid in front of her. Dan's abilities were no secret for her.

Dan had been ranked tenth in the challenge held in the last session. Sarah had successfully defeated all of her opponents. Only after defeating all those before her, she had qualified to challenge Dan.

They both had reached level eight of Energy Gathering Realm, so they were on par with each other in terms of cultivation base. That made the competition more difficult to predict or assume. Both of them were aware of each other's potential and abilities.

In addition to the vital energy cultivation base that they possessed, there were many other factors that would determine the outcome of the competition.

For example, even if a group of cultivators had the same vital energy cultivation base, some of them might not have stable cultivation foundation, and this could make the quality of their vital energy poor and weak. A weak vital energy could make it impossible to sustain all through the competition. If the other cultivators had laid a solid and stable foundation, it would make them possess intense and strong vital energy which was enough to tackle and conquer their opponents easily.

Furthermore, martial arts talent and skill varied among cultivators. A comprehensive degree of knowledge about martial arts and combat experience of a cultivator were critical for their competence and performance.

As moments passed, there was a buzzing sound from the spectators' stand. A lively discussion about the result of the competition had started in the crowd. There were talks about who would defeat whom. It was not easy to guess the winner between Sarah and Dan as they seemed to be equally capable of winning.

As Sarah and Dan walked into the battle ring, everyone around stopped talking. The buzzing sound of discussion had died out. Everyone's eyes were fixed on the two peopl

even more and filled her with determination. She would not bow down to someone as boastful as Dan.

She ignored his words and the fight continued. During their fight, Sarah started to analyze her opponent. She controlled her fury and paid attention to Dan and his movements. It took her a little time to figure out that though Dan's vital energy was a little stronger than hers, in terms of swordsmanship, he was no threat to her. She was quick to comprehend where his area of expertise lay and where he lacked the skills.

She smiled to herself remembering all the preparations she had done before attending the Top Ten Outer Disciples Ranking Challenge. The rigorous training and practice she underwent prepared her to face any challenge and any opponent. She had been successful till now and was hopeful to be victorious too.

She was aware that all the top ten outer disciples in last session of challenge had reached level eight or above, so she never was going to rely on her vital energy cultivation base to defeat her opponents. It was clear as crystal that she had to be better in some other aspects, and had to be stronger in an area where not everyone would be perfect or would have paid attention to. There had to be an ace in her sleeve, so she could change her plan and strategy according to the ability and strength of her opponent. And now there was a chance for her.

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