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   Chapter 207 Dan Was Flirting With Sarah

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Tanner was a head above Farr in terms of height. He even looked stronger than Farr. Moreover, Tanner was quite skilled at using a saber. His way of combat was of a ferocious style. As soon as he launched an attack, he brought his muscularity and fierce nature into full play. He hacked and slashed with his saber and threw the weapon tempestuously at his opponent.

On the other hand, Farr didn't show the slightest fear when facing frenzied attacks. He spread his folding fan and waved it in the air. With several swishing sounds, he displayed a kind of martial arts skill using a fan. The wind blew out from the fan and it was powerful and formidable in its strength.

In order to stand out in this competition, Tanner worked hard to improve his swordsmanship. The weapon he was using was a sword with a long blade and a short hilt and could only be wielded with both hands. The heavy sword in his hands came faster with his every move. He wielded the sword with mighty strength and directed it fiercely and aggressively at his enemy. When he was fully immersed in showing his swordsmanship, the vital energy within him surged out. The flashes and shadows of swords glinted on the arena. He gave a full play of the essence of this subtle swordsmanship to the public.

Vital energy emanated from Farr's body. He was at the seventh level of the Energy Gathering Realm. His martial arts skill with the fan worked in an elegant and agile manner. Moreover, his bodily movement skill was obviously better than that of Tanner. With his dexterity, he managed to handle the attacks from Tanner's sword with ease.

The folding fan in his hand was encircled by a stream of forceful vital energy. Sometimes, it turned into a sword and at other times, a spear. The forms of the fan changed constantly. They hurtled at the enemy like endless streams of water that dazzled people's eyes. It made it hard for the opponent to handle them all.

The two warriors moved fast like two shadows that were flashing rapidly on the arena. As soon as Tanner struck with his sword, Farr would block it with his fan. The fight kept on like this with neither party getting the upper hand. The two opposing parties were locked in a fierce battle.

Outside the arena, most of the spectators nodded with admiration. They marveled at the extraordinary martial arts skills that they had shown.

Some masters who had a high level of cultivation base were bored to watch them fighting. They didn't even bother to raise their heads and look at them. For the masters, it was much like children's play that would never attract their attention.

Finally, Farr seemed to have gained the upp

a delicate feature. You'd better not ruin them in the fight. That would be a great pity.

Fate has it that we meet today. If you really want to practice martial arts with me, we'd better find another time when we are both free and can take the time to compare notes about martial arts. That way you could receive better results.

Don't worry. Even if you can't enter the top ten of the competition, I can promise that no outer disciple would dare make trouble for you. What's more, I will provide you with as much resources as I can in cultivation."

A female disciple posed no threat to him. He would never take her seriously. It was only that the girl seemed to have a good look. He would never bother to take time and have a nice talk with her. Instead of getting into the fight immediately, he played soft and made some offers to her.

Right in the arena, before the fight started, Dan dared to talk about things that completely had nothing to do with the competition. More disturbingly, his eyes shone with greed when he looked at her.

The audiences around the arena looked at them with their eyes wide open. At such a critical moment, Dan was flirting with Sarah!

"Dan, It's very nice of you. But I'm afraid that this is too much for me. Please don't waste our time. Let's finish the fight as soon as possible," Sarah said impatiently.

"Huh! Sarah, you ungrateful silly girl! It seems that you have turned a deaf ear to my sincere advice. Since you insist, I will satisfy you. I hope after you learn your lesson in our fight, you can carefully consider what I have said."

Dan grew angry when he saw that Sarah had no interest in him. 'Huh! You bitch! When I make you yield, I will torture you in bed as hard as I can!' Dan thought furiously.

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