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   Chapter 206 The Opportunity To Be Promoted to Principle Disciple

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Ding! Ding! Ding! ... ...

Once all the disciples gathered at the Martial Arts Square, the bell rang six times. The bell was so huge that when it rang, it rolled through the square echoing on the walls, windows and anything that could conduct sound. It was a sound that no one could ignore!

Hearing the bell, all eyes focused at the center of the Martial Arts Square, where the fighting court was located. Everyone was expectant since this was a sign that the ceremony was about to begin.

An old wrinkled man who looked like he was thousands of years old although no one could guess his exact age, gabbed in an ankle length white flowing gown, walked into the fighting court in a few short strides. Because of his towering height, he always gave the impression that he put no effort in his walking yet he covered huge distances in an abnormally short time.

It was Elder Xing.

He was one of the six Elders from the Sun Sect, Fair Xing.

Each year as was the tradition, the Top Ten Outer Disciples Ranking Challenge was directed by one steward of the Sun Sect. But this year everyone was astonished since instead of a mere steward directing the challenge, they sent an Elder to be in charge of the challenge. Murmurs could be heard around the square with everyone speculating on the change.

"Everyone, quiet, please. Before the challenge begins, I'd like to say something," Elder Xing said loudly.

Elder Xing spoke loudly in an authoritative voice. Despite not using a microphone, his voice vibrated through the spacious Martial Arts Square which was full of noise, since everyone was talking. It could be heard clearly over the noise effortlessly, each word conveyed to every corner of the Martial Arts Square and each person could clearly hear his message.

Immediately he spoke, all the disciples stopped talking and the whole Martial Arts Square went quiet, such that someone could hear a pin drop.

The Elder held the second highest ranking position next to the Sect Leader. To an ordinary disciple, the elders were close to a god and they enjoyed high respect from ordinary beings. So no one wanted to be caught misbehaving or on the wrong side of matters.

"Today's Top Ten Outer Disciples Ranking Challenge will maintain the same rules as previously done. I will therefore not bother to dwell too much into that.

However, this year's challenge will have a slight difference that I would like to clarify. After lengthy discussions, the whole sect has decided that the top three disciples of this challenge will be promoted to principal disciples," clarified Elder Xing.

What the elder said immediately set the quiet square into an uproar. Instantly, all the disciples whispered and murmured a

hed by just anyone," stated another disciple who was seated beside him. He seemed unaffected by the whole show of bravado and just smiled calmly.

After hearing what he said, Dan's sour expression turned better.

"Ha ha! It is easy to say such big words, yet it is more important to be strong enough to survive. If you speak too highly of yourself, you will be humiliated later when you are defeated. Let me, Farr Hou, teach you a lesson." A voice dripping with mockery was heard just after Tanner finished his speech.

Farr drifted to the arena lightly. He had chiseled facial features which many considered handsome; with a steel fan in his hand, being so young and well-built with wide naturally tanned shoulders and chest, Farr was a dashing gentleman.

Regardless of the young man's strength, seeing his good-looks and the deliberately packaged appearance, many young girls had fallen at his feet in weakness; they were all attracted to him like bees to pollen. The girls looked at the man with admiration and passion.

"You, a young buck who looks like a pretty girl. How dare you come to the arena? You better admit defeat immediately as it will be a pity to hurt your pretty face. Someone will definitely get injured during the fight. I am telling you that things like that could happen. Don't blame me that I didn't warn you!"

Hearing Farr's hurtful words, Tanner was furious and responded in the best way he knew how.

Both sides wasted no more time in baseless talk before they rushed towards each other and the fight began in earnest.

Tanner's weapon whirled suddenly. A strong wind appeared, and the sword seemed attached to an extremely thick, vital energy force. The constantly turning sword formed a cyclone with its swift speed. The cyclone was aimed and charged at Farr's head!

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