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   Chapter 205 Top Ten Outer Disciples Ranking Challenge

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Austin took the vital energy crystals that piled on the ground like a small hill back into his space ring, then he focused all his attention on cultivation.

When he was at the Valley Town the past few weeks, he hadn't found any time to cultivate. Fortunately, after a few battles he had reinforced his strength. Not long after he entered the preliminary stage of Earth Realm, he had stabilized his level.

As soon as the Golden Sun Scripture started to work, Austin was immediately in the groove.

When he entered the Earth Realm, the size of the light ball in his elixir field became as big as the size that was equivalent to five or six fists gathering together. The luminous ball glittered like gold. Austin's whole body shone under the numerous beams of dazzling golden light. His muscles, bones, and energy meridians were covered with a layer of golden brilliant light. The rays of golden light flew through his arteries, veins and his four limbs. It made Austin feel as if his body was full of endless strength.

The more Austin practiced the Golden Sun Scripture, the more he felt that it was a magical and ingenious martial arts masterpiece. He didn't know which grade this formula was but according to the introduction in the outline, with persistent efforts, the practitioner would be able to progress from the elementary stage and reach the Divine Realm. This was all possible with only the Golden Sun Scripture in hand.

Austin had no idea what the Divine Realm was and which level it was in the vital energy cultivation. The name of it alone, which included Divine, gave Austin the impression that it was something very superior.

He therefore assumed that the Golden Sun Scripture was certainly more advanced than the fifth grade or sixth grade martial arts formulas. More than that, Austin guessed that it might even exceed the seventh grade martial arts formulas.

On the other hand, Austin found that after he entered the vital energy Earth Realm, the speed in which the light ball grew in his elixir field became slower.

Austin pondered on it and figured out that for all the martial arts formulas, the more advanced the level one reached, the more difficult it would be for the practitioner to make a breakthrough and advance to the next level. Thus, it made sense why the light ball grew slowly.

Austin decided that he would spend the next two days cultivating the Golden Sun Scripture and Illusory Swordsmanship.

It was said that when one reached the Major Achievement Stage of the Illusory Swordsmanship, one would be able to shoot over one hundred sword-lights at one strike. As of now, even when Austin tried his best, he was only able to shoot about twenty sword-ligh

ples were ineligible to take part in the competition because they were not good enough in their cultivation base. However, they still came to watch with the intention of learning something from the strong ones. It was exciting to discuss and comment on the performance of the participants in the competition. It was amazing to witness the strength of the elites. The disciples came to both learn and enjoy the event.

In the center of the Martial Arts Square stood the arena which was paved with extremely hard and strong grey stones. It made the arena look all the more magnificent with its vast expanse of flat land.

In front of the arena, there were some seats that were especially reserved for the important figures. Today, all of those seats were taken. The people sitting in the front all had dignified appearances and vigorous vital energy force that surrounded them. They were imposing in their manners which awed anyone who looked at them. They were the top leaders of the Sun Sect.

Many disciples were surprised to find that Theon, the Sect Leader of the Sun Sect was also in attendance. The Elders of the sect all decided to show up.

The discovery of it got around fast among the disciples. All of their eyes were intensively bored into the people who were sitting in the front row. After all, they were the most powerful figures in the Sun Sect.

Doubts crossed their minds on why the competition this year would attract the attention of the leader of the Sun Sect. The Top Ten Outer Disciples Ranking Challenge was a grand event and always had been. But the Sect Leader and the Elders seldom showed up in the events that were held in the previous years.

It went beyond doubt that the sect attached great importance to the Top Ten Outer Disciples Ranking Challenge this year.

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