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   Chapter 204 Level Two Sword Intent

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Wow! Mindy's eyes sparkled as she was looking at the Space Ring. "Austin, it's too precious. You should keep it."

Mindy loved the Space Ring so much. However, she thought that she was not deserving for that ring that was so valuable.

"You don't have to worry. I have another Space Ring which is better than this one. Since you have reached Earth Realm in cultivation base, it's time for you to have a Space Ring to store useful things. These vital energy crystals and pills will be helpful for the survival of your clan. Go on! Take it."

As being direct and straightforward as she was, Mindy did not refuse anymore and took it.

"Thank you very much, Austin. You have been giving us so much of your help lately. I really don't know how to repay your kindness," Mindy said in a sincere manner.

Austin slightly laughed. "Don't be bothered anymore. We are friends. You don't owe me anything," Austin said.

"Oh, I almost forgot. Our clan head asked me to give it to you."

Mindy quickly took out a book from her bag and handed it to Austin.

"What's this?"

Austin was curious. He gently took the book from Mindy's hand and saw its title "Elixir Foundation" on the cover.

Austin's eyes widened in surprise.

"Is this the …"

"You're right. One of my ancestors got this ancient book "Elixir Foundation" by chance. It was hidden in a secret place for many years by our clan leader. Despite the torture, he didn't tell the Li Clan about this place.

And now, he had just regained this book.

Our leader said that without your help, we wouldn't have destroyed the Li Clan and our clan might not survive. So we should share this book with you. He spent a whole night to copy it and asked me to give it to you as a reward."

Austin knew that pill refiners was very popular, so he felt a little yearned for this magical and noble skill of pill refining.

Austin was pleasantly surprised to get the Elixir Foundation so he did not refuse. He put it into his Space Ring and planned to study the pill refining method in the future.

'Each kind of pill that was refined by those refiners is extremely expensive, so if I can make some pills, I will surely make a fortune!' Austin thought.

.. .. ..

"Since all the brigands in the Black Mountain Fortress were killed, there would be no difficulty in rebuilding the Zhang Clan. Mindy, I have to go back to our sect. What's your plan? Would you like to go with me? With your current

for a while," he said to himself.

Even though Austin already reached the Earth Realm in vital energy cultivation, it did not give him the satisfaction. He set bigger goals in the path of martial arts for himself. He knew that there was still a long way to go for him to be on par with those martial arts masters.

As he continued to look at his Space Ring, he saw that he had a bigger gain, the copy of the Elixir Foundation.

Since he was still busy, he decided to study it just after the Top Ten Outer Disciples Ranking Challenge.

Austin thought about the Overlord Body-refining Formula.

It would cost about 1 million vital energy crystals to cultivate level two of the formula. After completing this level of the practice, a cultivator's skin and bones would be as hard as iron and he could withstand a full blow from the Energy Gathering Realm cultivators by just the body. Besides, he could hit 5000 pounds with each fist.

When he just got the Overlord Body-refining Formula, a million had been a huge number for him. But now, since he owned more than 1.5 million vital energy crystals, he was able to practice stage two of the Overlord Body-refining Formula.

He thought that if he accomplished this level, he would be more capable to protect himself with 5000 pounds in each punch and an extremely sturdy physical build.

"I would be another step closer into my goal in the martial arts cultivation using this," he said to himself. So Austin decided that after the end of the Top Ten Outer Disciples Ranking Challenge, he would buy the materials needed for the Overlord Body-refining Formula cultivation.

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