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   Chapter 203 Wipe Out the Brigands

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You're talking nonsense, silly girl, exclaimed Mindy.

Violet's mock made her blush in embarrassment. She had chased after the woman because she wanted to teach her a lesson. It was unexpected though they ended up laughing with each other just some seconds after the terrifying situation.

"Can't you be serious? We still have so many brigands to deal with," interrupted Austin.

Hearing those words, Violet chuckled and said, "Your Four-sided and Eight Trigrams Array are good enough to handle them, Austin. Thus, Mindy and I are just going to stand here and watch you."

She then hurriedly covered her mouth with her hand.

The atmosphere inside the Four-sided Trigrams Array was a bit better now. The surviving brigands who were panicking earlier finally calmed down after Miller's repeated orders.

With his lead, they rushed forward with both caution and fear as they blindly wielded their weapons randomly.

Seeing that reaction from the group made Austin smile coldly.

He whispered, "Heaven Trigram, start!"

Immediately, a white column of energy was shot from the northwest side of the sky. It was as wide as a bowl and was enveloped with sizzling vital energy. It tore through the air with a harsh grating sound!

That column of energy traveled extremely fast that it already hit the first five brigands standing ahead of their group even before they knew what happened.

The brigands that they were dealing with were fantastic at robbing and killing. Moreover, they had already gathered a lot of experiences in battlefields. It was just that their cultivation of vital energy was at the fifth or sixth level of Energy Gathering Realm. Thus, They were even worse than those disciples from the Flaming Sun Valley which was headed by Raymond. Sure enough, they couldn't survive the attacks of this array.

Torn parts of bodies scattered everywhere after the attack. The five brigands who were hit by the energy seemed to have been hit by lightning instead. Their broken legs and arms flew to the air. All of them were dead on the spot.

Those brigands who were summoned by Miller tried their best to

l kinds of drugs as well.

Austin thought that Miller, as a leader of the brigands, must have accumulated great wealth by robbing and killing. Being a brigand was a surefire way to make money after all.

Austin took about half of the million vital energy crystals from Miller's space ring. He then put them inside his.

Then, he turned to Mindy, giving her the rest of the vital energy crystals and drugs.

Most of those drugs were cheap. Nonetheless, it included Energy-boosting Elixir which was precious to warriors of Energy Gathering Realm. It was just that they were useless to Austin since he needed something more potent.

Even the Energy-prevailing Elixir was also of no use to him.

However, the Zhang Clan was dependent on Mindy to recover their strength. Thus, those drugs and vital energy crystals might be vital to her.

Dumbfounded, Mindy took the Space Ring.

She had just reached the preliminary stage of Earth Realm not so long ago.

She didn't have a space ring yet since her cultivation of martial arts was only at the sixth level of Energy Gathering Realm. She immediately knew about the ring's spacious room, vital energy crystals, and drugs as soon as she held it.

She just heard about the Space Ring before. Holding it in her hand was extremely different and overwhelming. She measured it carefully and then gasped with admiration at the awesomeness of this treasure.

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