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   Chapter 202 The Brigands From The Black Mountain Fortress (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5983

Updated: 2019-06-19 00:36

Austin didn't turn to attack the other brigands. Instead, he tapped the ground with his big toe and started summoning his Wind-commanding Skill. At the same time, he took out a few array flags from his Space Ring.

It had been a long time since he had used the Four-sided and Eight Trigrams. Now, fighting against the brigands, was a good chance to use them again and to see exactly how powerful they were.

One by one, Austin arranged the array flags in their formation.

The flags began to activate the vital energy around them, spreading it in waves and then disappearing as if nothing had happened at all.

But Miller, who was watching Austin, felt the tremors of Austin's behavior. He shouted to his group, "Stop him! Stop the young man!"

More brigands charged towards Austin.

But Austin was using his Wind-commanding Skill, and that prevented the brigands from catching up with him. They were unable to even touch Austin's clothes, letting alone stopping him.

Austin was moving rapidly, throwing the array flags as he moved. He was unstoppable.

And soon, all the array flags had taken their places.

With strange, keening sounds, the space enclosed by the flags began to distort. The light began to change, its rays interlacing with each other. The array flags had now become the ends of the rays.

The light was given off from the array flags and connected to each other profoundly.

After the last light connection had been made, Austin found that the vital energy within this space had begun to flow much faster than before.

The air was shimmering with a faint light that gradually lightened, and disappeared altogether. If one didn't pay attention, it couldn't be sensed at all.

But Miller was a cultivator of the Earth Realm, and he did not

within it because of his own carelessness.

"You're too weak to conquer the array. Stop daydreaming! My array has an endless power that you cannot even imagine having! It would be a miracle if you can conquer my array!" Austin said, his confidence soaring and his smile widening.

Violet had known the power of the Four-sided and Eight Trigrams Array and wasn't surprised at Austin's ability to set it up. But it was Mindy's first time watching the array being set up. She watched, stunned, as the activated array induced the brigands of the Black Mountain Fortress to go berserk and run around like flies. No matter what they did, they were trapped inside it without a chance of escape.

Mindy hadn't known that Austin could set up such a powerful array.

As she gazed at Austin in awe, her eyes flashed with a wide range of emotions, the foremost being surprise. He always managed to surprise her, no matter the situation.

"Well, well, pretty Mindy! Have you fallen in love with my master?" Violet teased Mindy from beside her. "If yes, then take the chance and tell him!"

It was an ode to how close the two girls had grown after fighting shoulder to shoulder twice.

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