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   Chapter 200 Rebuild The Zhang Clan

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Locating the entrance of an underground tunnel, Austin immediately summoned Mindy and Violet there. Together, the three of them entered the tunnel.

Inside, they discovered more than 10 cells.

In these cells, Mindy found the principle members of the Zhang Clan, as well as the head of the clan. There were more than 10 of them there. The most exciting part was that Mindy also found her father, whose brother was the leader, and also one of the principal members. In order to find the scripture of Elixir Foundation, the Li Clan had imprisoned most of the principal members of the Zhang Clan and questioned them using harsh methods, including torture, every now and then.

Mindy also found out that her mother had been killed by the Li Clan on the night of the attack. Hearing this, she put her arms around her father and broke down.

After they rescued all the principal members of her clan, Mindy gathered the other members of the Zhang Clan whom she had asked to remain hidden.

In this way, more than 30 members of the Zhang Clan were now standing together in the courtyard of the Li Clan.

Previously the Zhang Clan had over 400 members. After the disaster, less than 40 members remained. Standing in silence in the Li Clan's courtyard and looking at the numerous dead bodies, the members of the Zhang Clan had mixed feelings. They were saddened by the impact of the disaster but felt lucky to be the ones who survived it. The atmosphere in the courtyard was somber.

But they had successfully avenged their fellow clan members and the Li Clan had been ruined. Now the question on everybody's mind was how to revive their clan in the future.

The members slowly went to their leader, gazing at him with eyes filled with despair and hope.

"Listen, everyone! We will rebuild our clan in the coming days. The Zhang Clan will be more prosperous and powerful in Valley Town than it ever was! We will make it great again!" proclaimed the head of the clan slowly.

Although his voice was not loud, each of the members felt their spirits rising and a renewed vigor returning filling their bodies.

"Make our clan great again! Make our clan great again! ... ..."

Everyone chanted together, their eyes wet with tears. . . .

Then they found the secret room of the Li Clan, where Lanny had hidden the treasures.

They found as much as 1500, 000 vital energy crystals. It was a tremendous amount of fortune for this clan from a small town.

That's not all. They also found lots of deeds of houses and lands. They counted them carefully and concluded that these deeds contained almost two third of all the properties of Valley Town.

In fact, some of them had once belonged to the Zhang Clan. After their clan was destroyed, their properties were usurped by the Li Clan.

But now everything had returned to its rightful owners.

"Austin, these v

n into such a big clan in the Valley Town.

The workers started to rebuild the house of the Zhang Clan and progress was quick. Gauging the speed at which work was going on Austin felt that the new house would be ready soon.

Although there was nothing to do for Austin and Mindy, he decided to stay in Valley Town for an extra day at Mindy's insistence. . .

While the construction was going on, a figure came sprinting over to Zachary.

"Sir, there is bad news! The big gang of brigands from the Black Mountain Fortress is coming towards Valley Town. The chief of the brigands himself is leading the gang. They seem to have found out that the Li Clan has been destroyed and are coming to take revenge for them," the young man reported to Zachary.

He was a member of the Zhang Clan, with dark skin and sharp eyes. Zachary had sent him to look out near Valley Town as many members of the Li Clan had escaped even though they killed Lanny Li. The surviving members were a potential threat to the Zhang Clan, so Zachary wanted to be alert.

"What? The brigands of the Black Mountain Fortress? Why do they want to avenge the death of the Li Clan members?" Zachary was puzzled.

Was there some secret relationship between the Black Mountain Fortress and the Li Clan?

Mindy and Austin appraised the situation.

"What is the strength of these brigands from the Black Mountain Fortress?"

Austin asked.

"I've heard about the chief of the brigands, named Miller, who was a cultivator at the Earth Realm. A team of marauders follows him. They always rob near the villages and each of them is extremely cruel, and even enjoys slaughtering. Once the village is looted by them, all the women and infants are killed too," Zachary explained.

Hearing Zachary's words, Austin raised his eyebrow and murmured. "Good. More cultivators at the Earth Realm. Okay. I will fight these gangsters this time."

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