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   Chapter 199 Look For The Dungeon Of The Li Clan

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Feeling the pain in his left chest, Lanny glared at Austin. At the same time, he regretted continuing to fight with Austin. Since he was familiar with the courtyard and his bodily movement skill was almost on par with Austin's, he probably could have managed to escape before using up all his vital energy. However, he had been so set on killing Austin that he hadn't been thinking clearly.

The look of regret on Lanny's face didn't go unnoticed by Austin.

"You know you made the wrong decision, don't you, old guy? Well, there's no coming back from it now. You should remember it in your next life.

Now it's time for you to die," Austin said coldly.

Then, he charged at Lanny again.

Austin and Lanny fought for a while before Austin's Violet Royal Sword slit Lanny's neck. Lanny had used up all his vital energy force.

His eyes bulged out of their sockets and blood gushed out from his mouth as he shot Austin a look of pure hatred.

As he slowly slid onto the ground, vital force disappeared from his body bit by bit until his body became cold.

Austin sheathed his Violet Royal Sword with a look of satisfaction on his face.

This was the first time he had defeated a cultivator at the peak of the preliminary stage of Earth Realm. Austin had correctly estimated his own strength.

Now, he thought that at least few cultivators at the preliminary stage of Earth Realm would have to come together to defeat him.

At the level that Austin was on, he could even go up against a cultivator at the medium stage of Earth Realm. . . .

"Austin," Mindy called.

Moments after Lanny was defeated, Mindy arrived at the scene with Violet.

Mindy had become friendly to Violet after fighting by her side just now. Although she knew that Violet was a level three demonic fox, she thought of her as a good sister.

Austin was puzzled to see four bleeding heads in Mindy's hand.

"Austin, did you really kill Lanny?" Mindy asked Austin, her voice bursting with excitement. She was overjoyed to see Lanny's cold body.

Now that Lanny was dead, the Li Clan of Valley Town could be wiped out completely.

Violet looked at Austin with pride and excitement on her face. She'd become Austin's servant only half a year ago. When she'd first met Austin, he had been a cultiv

Lanny about it.

But I was too late," Mindy explained excitedly.

She'd been overjoyed to find out that more than one member of her clan was still alive.

"If that's true, then we can't delay any longer. Let's split up and look for the dungeon," Austin replied.

The three of them started to look for the dungeon in the courtyard.

The huge courtyard of the Li Clan was empty as everyone had either escaped or been killed.

It was reasonable for them to have run away. After all, it was frightening for anyone in Valley Town to face three cultivators at the level of Earth Realm. Although the Li Clan was the strongest clan in Valley Town, it was difficult for them to fight against three cultivators at the level of Earth Realm at the same time.

So at the beginning of the fight, the smarter members of the Li Clan had fled the courtyard. The fate of the Li Clan wasn't as important to them as their lives were.

Of course, the others hadn't shared the same sentiment. They had valued their clan over their own lives. Unfortunately, despite their courage and loyalty to their clan, they hadn't been strong enough to defeat three cultivators at the level of Earth Realm. All of the clan members who had stayed had been killed.

Austin used his bodily movement skill and quickly ran through the courtyard. Then, using his spiritual sense, he looked for the entrance of the dungeon.

After a while, he sensed something abnormal under a flagstone beside a pond in the backyard. There was an entrance there.

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