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   Chapter 198 Goes All Out

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Seeing that the spear was flying right at him, Austin immediately leaned back and tapped his toe on the ground. The Wind-commanding Skill was handy at such critical moments. Austin started floating backwards at an incredible speed about 20 meters, and managed to avoid the attack.

Lanny was confident that his spear wouldn't miss Austin. But when he saw that Austin had dodged his attack swiftly with his incredible skills, his face darkened. He realized that the longer this battle lasted, the worse it was for him. So he didn't say anything more and continued pursuing Austin.

"Eagle Soaring Pace!"

Lanny yelled as he lightly tapped the ground with the tip of his toe. Instantly, vital energy gushed out from his body with such momentum that Lanny flew at high speed towards Austin, like a leaf in the wind.

Meanwhile, his long spear twisted again. Wrapped in a cold glow, it stabbed Austin like a spinning viper.

Austin frowned when he noticed that Lanny closing in on him. He looked back and found that Lanny was already turning the corner. Just then, an idea struck him. He jumped up and pressed his feet on the wall. The moment his feet touched the wall, a layer of light golden vital energy covered them. Then, by bending his knees and using his full strength he pushed himself off the wall.

The rebound momentum allowed Austin to hover in the air. Summoning all his vital energy, he waved the Violet Royal Sword and stabbed Lanny a dozen times with robust vital energy force.

"You old bastard! Time's up! Go to hell!"

During the fight, Austin realized that although Lanny's vital energy cultivation base had reached the pinnacle of the preliminary stage of Earth Realm, he would be able to

ld recover it as quickly as Austin did. Naturally, he couldn't believe what he had just seen.

"Ha-ha! It's not a big deal. For me, nothing is impossible!"

Austin couldn't help but be arrogant seeing Lanny in a state of panic and confusion.

Using the Wind-commanding Skill once more, Austin collected all his vital energy and charged towards Lanny. The Violet Royal Sword in his hand shot a dozen beams of light towards Lanny.

Lanny's eyes were filled with fear as he sensed an extremely strong vital energy force radiating from Austin's body. He had already consumed half of his own vital energy by now, so he had no enough power left to fight with the young man.

Lanny knew that he had no opportunity to escape the incredibly skilled young fellow, so he had to grit his teeth and resist the oncoming attack to the best of his abilities.

After several rounds of sparring, blood sprayed out of Lanny, accompanied by a heart-wrenching moan. On the left side of his chest, there was a long gash and the rib under his wound was now visible.

"Now you know I wasn't just talking big, right?"

Austin asked sarcastically.

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