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   Chapter 197 The Blood Dragon Spear Skill

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Lanny raised his spear slowly while staring at Austin. His intention to kill was driving all the vital energy in his body, making him heat up drastically. There were even invisible energy waves flowing on the surface of his skin.

He had accumulated so much resentment in his mind recently as so many members of the Li Clan, including his three sons, had been killed. The atmosphere inside the courtyard became tense at that moment. It was the basic reason why Lanny had given all his efforts, utilized all of his skills, and even gave his full strength the moment he joined in the fight. God knew how he wanted to kill the young man so much!

Sensing his vital energy fluctuating, Austin inhaled deeply and wore a serious expression. He was confident that he wouldn't get hurt today. However, the fact that his opponent was a high-level cultivator from the Earth Realm still made him a little nervous.

He had already experienced fighting against cultivators at the Earth Realm before coming to the Valley Town. He had successfully killed three ones before he came here.

Two of them were Madden and Rankin from the Flaming Sun Valley, while the other one was from the Blood Wolf Team.

However, the first two cultivators from the Flaming Sun Valley were killed while defending the power of the Four-sided and Eight Trigrams Array. It was he who killed the last one with the help of Violet.

With these things said, this was the first time that Austin was fighting against someone from the Earth Realm alone. He might have looked relaxed at the moment but he was actually very cautious inside his mind.

Austin raised his Violet Royal Sword and awakened the vital energy inside his body. A mildly golden aura began spreading out of Austin's elixir field and flowed inside the energy meridian quickly. It finally reached the surface of his body and the Violet Royal Sword started to quiver due to his vital energy's force.

On the other hand, Lanny easily sensed that Austin's cultivation base was basically for beginners. It was obvious that Austin was just at the starting level of the Earth Realm compared to him who had been inside it for nine long years. How could this young man be this courageous? Honestly, even Lanny didn't think that there was anyone within the same level as him that could defeat him. Thus, he cocked his head to one side and glared at Austin with contempt.

"Hmp! Don't be too arrogant just because you have broken through the Earth Realm at such a young age. I will make you regret opposing our Li Clan!

s sword immediately collided against the tip of Lanny's spear, stopping it from its brutal attack.

Clinking sounds filled the place

as both of the cultivators' body moved quickly. The spear and the sword created sparks whenever these weapons hit each other. The sound was ear-splitting and brittle.

"You are different from ordinary cultivators indeed. No wonder you're this bold to come, neglecting so many people here. However, don't think you can defeat me if you only have such strength, little stinker," sneered Lanny as he stopped fighting.

He pulled his spear back and waved it casually. It seemed like he had changed his spear skill. Soon Lanny started his spear so swiftly that the spear seemed to tear up the air around it and the sharp sound was heard.

Austin used his Violet Royal Sword again and tried to fight with the spear in the same way he did earlier.

But just before the sword's tip touched the tip of the spear that was quickly rushing towards him, the spear quivered slightly. The head of the spear began moving by itself like a living snake. The straight and tough spear suddenly became soft and started to wind. It wound around the Violet Royal Sword and continued to move forward. When it avoided the sword's tip, the spear suddenly sped up and shot towards Austin's neck.

The attack was as fast as lightning and Austin was startled. It was fortunate that his spiritual sense had been covering him completely. He regained himself fast after realizing what had happened.

"How dangerous it is! How amazing the guy is using his spear!"

Looking at the wonderful spear skills, Austin could not help but speak highly from the bottom of his heart.

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