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   Chapter 196 The Slaughter (Part Two)

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And yet, Lanny's suspicious movements caught Austin's attention at once. Austin snorted in contempt noting Lanny's intention of running away.

"Violet, come out and free me from fighting these men. Lanny is scheming to run away. I can't stop him while these men are keeping me busy. You take care of these men. I will go deal with Lanny," Austin said.

Austin transmitted his message to Violet through his mind.

Instantly, a flash of green light shot through the gate and entered the front yard of the Li Clan's mansion. Gradually, the light fell slowly on the ground and turned into a beautiful, sweet girl in a soft silken green dress. The men of the Li Clan became distracted by the sudden appearance of the girl. But the girl, undeterred and started to take down a few of them. Unlike Mindy, whose fighting pattern was swift and silent, the girl used the tactic of moving seductively and diverting their attention from the fight in order to kill them without any resistance.

This girl too, was an Earth Realm fighter.

Lanny was completely taken aback by this new threat.

As if Austin and Mindy weren't already too much for him to defeat, now they had added new blood to their strengths? And again, the new girl sapped her strength from the Earth Realm. Winning was certainly the last thing on Lanny's mind.

Lanny realized that it would do him no good if he stayed. Now he hurried to get out of there, trying to preserve the effective strength in his clan. Fight of today was doomed to fail and it would be a miracle if all of them got out of this disaster unscathed. Although other than the men who were engaged in combat, Lanny commanded a high-powered backup team. He had trained them for years and planned to use them in case of a situation like this. He would never reveal this team if not for something real

nd see who it was. It was the young man, who swished past him and stood in front.

Austin stood tall to keep the despicable Clan Leader from running away. "Well then, if you so insist, I can only strike you to death as you have come tailing me for it. Don't ever think that I am frightened of you, boy."

Having no choice, Lanny retorted with bravado. Given the situation, Lanny now had to fight. Staring viciously at Austin, he slowly pulled out his exquisite steel long spear. Let out, the spear breathed out chilly, piercing winds that started to wrap Lanny in circles as he held the spear to the sky.

Lanny was a wee bit relieved too. It was just one of them, just Austin to challenge him. Defeating the three together looked absolutely impossible, but maybe defeating one wasn't out of the question. As he scanned Austin's strength, he saw that he was in the Earth Realm, but had entered its preliminary stage not too long ago. Lanny in comparison had been in the Earth Realm for nine years. Moreover, he had a feeling that his strength had been on par with that of the medium stage.

Fortified by these ideas, Lanny hurried into his battle with Austin with the singular aim of ending his enemy's life.

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