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   Chapter 195 The Slaughter (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6533

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Austin brandished the lethal Violet Royal Sword, which glowed strong with ten rays of threatening sword-light. Suddenly, six fighters of the Li clan leapt in front of him, challenging him to combat. Austin hardly blinked, waved his mighty sword and its rays of light over the men. Howls, cries and shrieks could be heard as the light stabbed them. In a few seconds, the six had died.

As the sword-light was still gleaming, Austin decided to put his Wind-commanding Skill into action. In a flash, he slid forward and stopped in front of a fighter, who was not yet dead. Then, Austin fiercely swerved his sword and stopped barely an inch away from his neck.

No, he did not use the sword to kill the man. Instead, he used his mighty fist which capable of exerting 1000-pound force.

As he mentally exerted himself, clattering and roaring sounds came out of his clenched fists and filled the atmosphere. He drew in a deep breath and stirred cold howling winds around his body. The very sight of this struck fear into his opponents' hearts. Like a fearsome predator, he threw his fist and hit the man hard in his chest, knocking him out of breath. Austin's skillful punch fell right on the man's solar plexus. As he gasped for a shred of breath, the man felt as if a sack of sand had fallen and bored a big hole into his chest. He could feel the blood oozing out and his insides bulging from his back.

At only level four of the Energy Gathering Realm, the man's strength was no match for Austin's. He was doomed to be killed. Austin's lethal blow flung the body into the air for about five seconds, and then the body landed with a dull thud, crushing the man's spine into a thousand pieces.

In the blink of an eye, Austin had vanquished him. From his release of the sword-light, to his pummeling the Li Clan man into the sky, Austin was fighting combat at the speed of light. Those who saw the slaughter couldn't catch all the details and wondere

a man, standing next to Lanny.

Before the fight had started, Lanny and a few of his advisors had anticipated Austin and Mindy's cultivation base to be something else. Now that they saw for themselves that both belonged to the Earth Realm, they regretted their earlier readings a great deal. They wistfully thought that they should have thoroughly investigated the two to see where the fight could have led.

Lanny began to despair surrounded by all the lifeless bodies around him. He realized that he had overreached himself and brought a great loss to his clan. How come he didn't sense this outcome in advance? His heart was filled with a sense of oppression and great regret.

Now, under such circumstances, defeating Austin and Mindy looked like an impossible goal despite having the advantage of numbers. He now knew that both Mindy and Austin, fighters of the Earth Realm, could hardly give him hope of tilting the balance in his favor.

Even if Lanny himself engaged in the combat, the whole situation would remain a challenge. In fact, staying on the battlefield and facing the pair was a threat to him.

Going over his analysis, Lanny decided to step back and beat a hasty retreat. Quickly, with an unsaid understanding, he looked for places where he could leave unnoticed.

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