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   Chapter 194 Fight Face To Face

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Lanny was also surprised at the news. He stood up suddenly, walked over to the servant, seized his collar and barked, "How many people?"

"T-two. Two of them are coming!"

the servant replied, frightened.

"Two of them?"

Every Li in the room was stunned, yet again.

Lanny frowned as if he couldn't believe what he had heard. He asked again, "You said that only two people from the Zhang Clan broke into our courtyard, didn't you?"

The servant nodded vigorously.

"So those two Zhang idiots really think that we Lis are so weak? What are they thinking? Do they really think they can take on our whole clan? Just the two of them?"

Lanny let go of the servant as he laughed coldly.

"Okay, now I want to see how powerful the so-called members of the Zhang Clan are. Are they supermen? They think they can get away with it?"

He shook his head and turned to his servant, his eyes and voice cold. "It will be to our advantage if they come here, which saves our time and effort. Tell everyone in the courtyard to close the gate and block the exit. Our Courtyard is not a place they can barge in and exit as per their whims and fancies!"

"Yes, master," the servant said and turned around swiftly to leave and do as Lanny had asked.

"Let's go to have a look and see who it is that gives such great courage to the Zhangs!"

Lanny waved his hand to indicate that the others follow him. Exiting the meeting hall with a laugh, he walked over the front of the courtyard with long, deliberate strides. The others hurried to keep up with him.

The group, led by Lanny, soon saw that there were two figures standing at the gate.

A thin young man of about seventeen years stood there smiling sarcastically at them. He was wearing a grey gown. The young woman was of slender build and had a pretty face. Her eyes flashed with hatred as she saw Lanny walk towards them.

On the ground near them lay more than ten members of the Li Clan, writhing and moaning in pain. The gate that guarded the house had been broken to bits.

"You must be the head of this Clan. It's nice to meet you," Austin said to Lanny.

"Good. Both of you will stay

could achieve the target regardless of how mean it was, it had to be a good way. Losers were always in the wrong, and Austin fully agreed.

"Kill them!" Lanny screamed an order, pointing at Austin and Mindy. There was great killing intent in his voice.

The order incited a roar of rage in the clan members, and they charged at Austin and Mindy, their weapons held high.

Covered by the crowd, Lanny stared hatefully at the two young people, both of whom still looked calm. "No matter who you are, you will die tonight!" Lanny yelled, voice cold as ice.

"You think these people, who are as weak as ants, will kill us? Send in more and I still will not fear them!" Austin said, a smile growing on his face.

Austin looked around at the cultivators of the Li Clan. He was pretty confident as most of them were at level four to seven of the Energy Gathering Realm.

A bright light glittered, followed by the appearance of a red sword in Austin's hand, his Violet Royal Sword.

Dozens of sword lights appeared as quick as lightning, each containing sword intent as well as powerful killing intent.

These sword lights all contained Austin's vital energy force. He had scattered his strength by splitting his vital energy into dozens of pieces and attached each piece to a sword light. It wasn't as powerful as the strength he had gathered to a point. But each piece was powerful enough to kill members of the Li Clan.

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