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   Chapter 193 Breaking Into The Li Clan's Grand Courtyard

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The whole Valley Town was covered in the darkness. The moon was so bright, and the stars twinkled magically in the sky.

A grand courtyard, located in the northern part of the town, covered a large area. Around it stood well-constructed buildings that looked dignified. Two noble-looking stone lions were standing each side of its gate.

However, even with its grand architecture, everything inside the courtyard was old and shabby—the walls were broken, and there were weeds, snakes, and mouse that housed in its interiors. It was obviously abandoned.

At that moment, more than ten people stood at its gate, which had already been opened. They intently gazed around the Zhang Clan's Courtyard--a place which was once glorious and magnificent. Now, it looked the opposite. The people, at the sight of the forgotten place, shed tears.

The person leading them was Mindy. She bore her teary eyes at the ruins of the Zhang Courtyard.

A young man was silently standing still not far from her. He looked a little thin, his arms around his chest and his lips pursed into a grim line.

He understood the despairs of the other people from the Zhang Clan and did not want to interrupt that emotional moment.

After a while, Mindy and other members of the Zhang Clan walked towards the young man.

"Austin, do you really think we should break into the Li Clan's courtyard tonight?" Mindy asked him.

She gazed at him, full of trust for the young man who had been her companion and savior.

The other members of the Zhang Clan regarded Mindy as their leader. But Mindy knew clearly that Austin was far better than her when it came to cultivation base and wisdom, and it was also him to devise their plan.

"Yes, I think it is better to do it immediately. This is the right time to fight against the Li Clan face to face. Moreover, four days later, it will be the Top Ten Outer Disciples Ranking Challenge," Austin explained.

Mindy was suddenly enlightened, covering her mouth with her pretty hand.

"I am sorry. I almost forgot about it," she said in a low voice.

The past few days, Mindy had been occupied thinking about taking revenge and had almost forgotten about the Top Ten Outer Disciples Ranking Challenge. Now Austin had mentioned it, she suddenly remembered it was important to him.

"Are you worried that we might not be strong enough if we recklessly break into the Li Courtyard?"

Austin inquired, looking at her tensed face.

Mindy was embarrassed, but she nodded slightly.

When they employed some sort of strategy to kill the people from the Li Clan, they could already do it with sheer strength.

But at least one hundred people were guarding the Li Clan's Courtyard. It seemed to be difficult for their small group to fight against them, for th

hey can't do this only with the few people left. They are not strong enough," another man asked.

It was Lanny's cousin, and both were around the same age. He held the second position in the Li Clan, next to Lanny. He was tall, thin and shrewd.

"Hm! I have thought about it already. It seems to be the case. Based on our fight, the ones who are lucky enough to escape are all at low cultivation levels. The highest are only at the sixth or seventh level of the Energy Gathering Realm while the rest are at the third to fifth level. But the one who killed my son is at least at the Earth Realm, and he is definitely not from the Zhang Clan. There is only one who has such a high cultivation base in the Zhang Clan--it is Zachary, the one we have imprisoned."

"Then who is it? Who will stand behind the Zhang Clan and fight against the Li Clan?"

All of the members were silent, and the meeting hall became tensely sedated.

The Strongest cultivator among all the members of the Li Clan was Lanny, who was at the Earth Realm. If the Zhang Clan had invited an ally who was at the same level, it would be difficult for them to handle the fight. Moreover, if it was right, that also explained why there were so many members of the Li Clan who had been easily killed.

All the members of the Li Clan who died were at the Energy Gathering Realm. If a cultivator at the Earth Realm was truly standing against them, it was to no wonder why it took him little effort in killing so many people. . . .

In that instant, a figure opened the door of the meeting hall and rushed inside--it was a servant. He walked hastily into the meeting hall and reported, "Master, there are people who claimed to be from the Zhang Clan. They broke into our gate!"

"What? Members of the Zhang Clan?" Everyone in the meeting hall was stunned to hear the servant's report.

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