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   Chapter 192 A Crisis For The Li Family (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6275

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'It seems that they have left the Valley Town after creating a stir, ' Lanny thought.

He ordered his men to expand the scope of their search to the regions around Valley Town.

But the town was true to its name. In other words, it really was a valley and around it was nothing but continuous high mountains surrounded by dense jungles. It wasn't easy to find a dozen people there.

The second day, news came that the people who had been sent out were dead. A bamboo slip had been stuck in every dead person's body. There was a number on every one of those slips.

The largest number on the bamboo slips was 95.

Apparently, one bamboo slip meant that one person was killed. So within two days, 95 members of the family had been killed. Ninety six if one counted Benson.

Seeing so many cadavers lying around in the ancestral hall of the Li Family, the members were extremely alarmed. It seemed that a shadow of death was covering their family these days.

From that day onwards, not one member of the Family dared to go out alone. Some of those who were yellow-bellied didn't even dare to step out of their houses.

Austin, Mindy, and the others were lying down and resting in the open space of a grove.

The grove was ten miles away from Valley Town and therefore, safe.

Along with Mindy and Austin, there were about a dozen people of the Zhang Family there too. They were all looking pretty excited. For the last several days, each one of them had killed several members of the Li Family. Whereas for the last seven years, they had been forced to suppress their hatred. But now, they had finally gotten a chance to take revenge, releasing all their pent-up hatred.

There were nine men of middle age surrounding Mindy and Austin.

In the past few days, the Li Family's members, whose cultivation base of vital energy was said to be quite powe

it looks like our Li Family is facing a deep crisis. I want you to go to the Black Mountain Fortress and find my brother there. You need to ask him to help me. Only with his help, can we deal with this disaster. Uncle Wang, you are the person I trust the most. And I believe that only you can fulfill this task."

"My lord, don't worry too much. The chief of Black Mountain Fortress is one of us. Now, when our own family is in trouble, he will surely spare no effort to help us."

"That's all well and good. But uncle, remember to be careful and shelter yourself well. Keep it a secret that the chief of Black Mountain Fortress is my brother, or else we will be in an unfavorable position."

"Believe me, my lord. I will be careful."

"OK, then you should leave at once. You can pretend to be a servant of the Li Family. Keep to yourself and if people ask, then say that you are leaving the Family because you are frightened. I think you'll be able to leave safely that way. On observing for several days, I have found that the remaining people of the Zhang Family only kill the clansmen of our Li Family. They haven't harmed anyone else."

"Don't worry, my lord. I will handle it."

Uncle Wang said. Then he set out on his mission.

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