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   Chapter 191 A Crisis For The Li Family (Part One)

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The package was still lying intact slap bang in the center of the hall. It seemed to be bulging with something.

Thanks to what had happened just now, everyone in the hall now clearly knew that whatever was inside it, it certainly wasn't a birthday present. It had to be something special and sinister.

Lots of people looked at the package with curious gazes, wondering what could have been sent with death packed along with it.

"You! Come here and unwrap the package. Let me see what's in it."

Lanny ordered a servant who was standing beside him.

Even though the servant had witnessed a man die just by touching the package, he did not dare to disobey Lanny's order. He clearly knew how atrocious Lanny was. And besides, Lanny was quite angry after seeing that arrow, and therefore, if the servant disobeyed him, what waited him was certain death anyhow. Therefore, he had to walk towards the package.

The servant kicked the package hesitantly but nothing special happened this time. He then stretched out his hand to unwrap the package. This time, no poisoned arrow shot out from it. Instead, something rolled out from the package when it was unwrapped. Something bloody, something hairy. A head!

Everyone in the hall had been gazing at the package and as soon as they saw what was inside, they all stood up and exclaimed in surprise.

The head was familiar to them all.


"Brother Benson!"

"It is Benson!"

No one in the hall wanted to believe what he was seeing, but it was as clear as day.

The head was Benson's. He was Lanny's third son.

Lanny had three sons. They were Ellison, Logan and Benson. But now, there were only two.

When Lanny saw his son's bloody head roll down in front of him, he trembled slightly and his face turned a curious shade of red and pale.

Ellison and Logan were also staring at their brother's bloody head with sadness and anger.

Especially Logan, who was walking up and down, with his fists clenched tight. H

and shouted from the gate itself.

"What is the matter?"

That man had always been sober and composed, but right now, he looked fluttered, which was why Lanny had a bad feeling.

"Three of our gambling houses, two whorehouses, two grain stores, and one pawnshop in the town have been burned down."


Lanny was shocked at the news. He felt desperate as if his world had frozen around him.

The stores which the man had mentioned were the most profitable stores of the Li Family, and they had all been destroyed in one go. Lanny was struck with fright.

"Call out all the people of our family! We are going to find the remaining people of the Zhang Family and kill them all!"

Lanny's voice was full of anger now and echoed in the meeting hall furiously.

One-third of the Li Family's stores in Valley Town had been destroyed by a dozen men clad completely in black. The men had broken into those stores, killed off any members of the family who happened to be inside, and burned the buildings down.

When the family sent out people to find the perpetrators, they went into hiding without leaving any trace at all.

This event caused a great uproar in Valley Town. The people of the Li Family searched for these killers in every nook and cranny and upturned every house, but always drew a blank.

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