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   Chapter 190 Revenge

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 10655

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Nanny Wu was Mindy's wet nurse who had been employed to feed Mindy her own breast milk when Mindy was a tiny baby, and she was also the only person who had accompanied Mindy while running away from the Li Clan that fateful night.

After Mindy joined the Sun Sect, Nanny Wu had retired to live in this remote village.

When Nanny Wu heard that Mindy was planning to go back to Valley Town to get revenge, she couldn't help but feel worried. Even though Mindy assured her that Austin would help her, she was still not convinced. After all, Mindy was a weak girl who might not be able to fight against so many powerful foes, and Austin looked too young and too thin to be able to fight them too.

However, since Mindy and Austin had both already reached the Earth Realm level, Nanny Wu finally accepted Mindy's decision.

In the past when Nanny Wu lived with Mindy's family, she had heard about a few warriors and knew that the warrior of the Earth Realm was the most powerful one in Valley Town.

To Mindy's surprise and excitement, it turned out that there were several other members of her family living in this village.

When the Zhang Clan was attacked by their enemies, many of her family members hadn't been at the scene and had managed to escape as soon as they found out. In the past few years, Nanny Wu had secretly contacted as many of them as possible and called them to live in this village so that they could avenge the Zhang Clan one day.

Knowing Mindy had made up her mind to get revenge, Nanny Wu called all the remaining members of the family to help Mindy.

There were 17 members in total. Eight of them were young and their cultivation bases were on the third or fourth level of Energy Gathering Realm.

The other nine were middle-aged and their cultivation bases were on the fifth or sixth level of Energy Gathering Realm. Since they were living as a small family in this remote village, the cultivation bases of the family members were less than impressive because most of them were only at the level of Energy Gathering Realm. Their family master was the only one whose cultivation base was on the level of the Earth Realm.

These 17 family members had been hiding in this remote village and working hard to improve their martial arts skills for the past few years. They wanted to get revenge one day and rebuild their big family in Valley Town.

When they found out from Nanny Wu that Mindy had reached the level of Earth Realm, they looked at Mindy with their eyes full of worship.

In particular, the eight young men who were of the same age and position as Mindy showed great admiration for her. A few years ago, they had all been on the level of Energy Gathering Realm, but now, their cultivation bases were far behind Mindy's.

To avenge their dead family members, they had worked day and night for the past few years to develop their martial arts skills. They had all made great progress. Since they were hiding in such a remote village, they hadn't been able to obtain any helpful martial arts materials, so they'd gotten this far purely on hard work.

But their peer, Mindy, had already reached the level of Earth Realm. In


Just then, a servant ran into the meeting hall.

"Master, someone sent a package and said that it's your birthday present!"

"Ah? My birthday present?"

Lanny was surprised. His birthday wasn't until two weeks later.

After pondering over it for a few moments, Lanny smiled.

"I see. One of my friends must have sent me this present half a month in advance to give me a surprise."

"Dad, as our Li Clan is becoming richer and more powerful, there are more and more people who want to flatter us. I'm sure the birthday present must have been sent by someone who wants to get into our good books," a quiet young man commented, smiling. He was Lanny's first son. He wasn't excellent in martial arts practice, but he was a man of great wisdom.

"Hah hah, whoever sent this is a sincere person, so it would be impolite for us to refuse him. What's the present? Let me have a look!"

Lanny was very happy.

The servant quickly ran out of the meeting hall.

After a while, he walked back in holding a square package. On the tightly stitched package, the word 'Longevity' was written in a big font.

"Open it up!"

Lanny ordered.

"Yes, master." The servant began unwrapping the package.

After he uncovered several linings of the package and was about to unfold the last one, eight arrows flew out of the package and into his chest.

The impact of the arrows flung the servant's body back against the door of the meeting hall. At the same time, the package in his hands fell onto the floor.

There was a crack as his body hit the door and he was dead before he could so much as let out a cry. There was deadly poison painted on the arrows.

The whole meeting hall erupted into chaos.

"Who did it? Who! Who did it?"

Lanny got up in a fit of rage and slapped the back of his chair with his right hand. Immediately, the chair, which was made of ironwood, dissolved into a fine powder, leaving wood chips all over the floor. There was strong vital energy emanating from Lanny.

The other members of the Li Clan were also astonished by what had happened just now.

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