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   Chapter 189 Mindy's Past

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Mindy, let's go back to Sun Sect now, Austin said.

They had just left the Mysterious Ancient Well, and Austin thought that he should begin to make preparations for the Top Ten Outer Disciples Ranking Challenge.

"No, Austin, you go ahead. I have something more important to deal with. I've waited for years for this, and the day has finally come."

Mindy shook her head as she looked to the northeast. Determination was written all over her face. It was obvious that she had made a significant decision.

"Something more important?"

Austin was confused by Mindy's words.

"Austin, you've done me a great favor this time. I'd like to share my past with you."

Mindy found a clean, flat rock not far from the well, and gestured for Austin to sit on it.

"My name is actually Mindy Zhang, not Mindy Wu," she began.

She stared blankly into the distance, her mind swamped with painful memories. Austin listened to her story quietly.

"I came from Valley Town. It is a remote town, no match for Peace Town in scale or prosperity.

There were two well-matched clans in Valley Town, the Zhang Clan and the Li Clan.

On the surface, the two clans were on good terms. But in private, they were business rivals. As they were equally matched in strength and power, neither of them dared to openly start a fight.

But after a while, the peaceful facade was shattered.

As luck would have it, the head of the Zhang Clan found an ancient book called 'Elixir Foundation' in a cave. The book was a down-to-earth and easy to understand introduction to pill refining. Valley Town was backward in everything, including cultivation, so all the natives looked forward to becoming pill refiners.

The head of the Zhang Clan decided to have the youths of the clan study pill refining so that there would be more pill refiners in the clan. After all, pill refining is a respected career. Once the Zhang Clan had more pill refiners, it would become more powerful.

The discovery of the book was supposed to be a secret, but somehow, the head of the Li Clan found out.

He spent a large sum of money on bribing a butler and several guards of the Zhang Clan. One night, with the help of the traitors, the w

e to a stop outside a house in the east of the village. The house had a small courtyard with bamboo fences on all sides.

A middle-aged woman was watering the plants in the courtyard. There were vegetables and fruits.

The man and the woman were none other than Austin and Mindy. They had come here to look for Mindy's family.

They had both reached the Earth Realm and demonstrated a mastery of bodily movement skill, so they were capable enough to handle anything that lay ahead of them.

They approached the courtyard so quietly that the woman watering the plants didn't notice them at all.

Mindy's eyes reddened at the sight of the woman. Obviously, she knew her.

"Nanny Wu!"

Mindy called out in a choked voice.

Shocked to hear the familiar voice after so long, the woman dropped the watering can in her hand. The watering can hit the ground and water spilled onto her shoes.

Paying no attention to any of that, she turned around to look at Mindy.

"Mindy, is that really you? Am I daydreaming?" she murmured.

"Nanny Wu, it's me."

Overcome by emotion, Mindy immediately ran toward the woman and threw herself into her arms. She burst into loud sobs, and at this moment, she seemed like the little girl that she had been seven years ago.

The woman patted Mindy's back to console her, but she was in tears too.

Austin was touched when he saw the affection between them. He stood outside the fence, not wanting to disturb them.

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