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   Chapter 188 Earth Realm! (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6064

Updated: 2019-06-19 00:22

As all the meridians were widened, they emanated a faint golden glow, and Austin could feel his crystal veins undergoing a significant change. Compared to his old ones, they were getting improved greatly both in terms of flexibility, and on capacity, which meant that his cultivation base was expanding and rising.

The next moment, the air surrounding him seemed to shake and a brute, powerful wave of energy started rushing out from his body.

Bang-bang! The environment of the well seemed to change and the air struck the walls like a furious dragon looking for a way to escape.

It threw stone and sand in all direction and darkened the sky, reducing visibility.

Right now, Austin's vital energy was dashing as far as three meters around him, and the ground under him had been shattered into pieces. After the initial impact of his vital energy, it created one more crack about a meter deep and half a meter wide. The cracks kept on appearing and spread around Austin like a spider's web.

When he was finally able to open his eyes, two beacons of golden light shone out of them, and he looked full of energy and malicious power.

Then he tried to gather his vital energy, and felt an aggressive power running all over him.

He had made it! He had reached the preliminary stage of the Earth Realm!

The most important aspect of this realm was that Austin had now broken away from the restrictions of Energy Gathering Realm, and the biggest accompanying change was that his vital energy could now fly out of his body and attack his enemy by itself.

Now, whenever Austin had to fight with other people, he wouldn't have to get close to them and hand-to-hand combat would be an ancient history to him now. He could materialize his vital energy and conduct an attack from a distance. It rea

even after a single glance at her.

Mindy had changed from head to toe, and she was a real beauty now, even though she hadn't been bad before.

Although she couldn't see how or what she looked like now, she could tell from the amazed expression on Austin's face.

"So..." She asked cautiously, "how do I look like now?"

She stroked her hair, waiting for Austin's reply, but she didn't realize just how stirring her movement was.

"Wow, I… I…" Austin was unable to find a word to describe her at that moment.

He swallowed several times with his eyes fixed on Mindy, shining out of amazement and admiration.

Mindy puckered her face in a smile as his eyes became hazy with lust.

"Hurry, we'd better get out of here as soon as possible!" she interrupted the weird atmosphere.

Austin came to himself immediately and nodded. There was going to be several days' worth of time for him to enjoy her beauty.

Since both of them were at the Earth Realm now, a simple, single tap of their toes would be enough for them to leave the well. Two shadows of a figure erupted from the well and landed on the ground within moments. It felt great to have so much energy within their bodies.

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