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   Chapter 187 Earth Realm! (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6578

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The glowing sphere made of pure vital energy flew out of Austin's elixir field and rushed towards the prime masculinity blossom immediately. It was almost as if it knew what he was thinking. It stopped right above the blossom, and its gleaming golden rays shone like a small sun, irradiating the blossom directly.

At the same time, as if triggered by the light shining on it like a solar cell, the blossom immediately erupted a strong stream of masculine vital energy much like an active volcano. The energy rose up ferociously, spread like a vast expanse of water, and surged onwards like ten thousand galloping horses.

Austin's sphere voraciously took the energy flowing from the blossom into itself as if it had been starved for ages. It was acting like a bottomless pit that could never be filled.

In one sudden outpouring of bliss, Austin's eyes got filled with amazement and admiration. The powerful masculine vital energy bursting from the blossom was exactly what he needed to cultivate the Golden Sun Scripture and he had not found it till now. What was extremely fortunate was that the blossom seemed to contain so much energy that it was beyond Austin could imagine. Going by his calculations, he wouldn't have to worry about where to find energy anymore in the future.

The energy kept on flowing out of the blossom in a steady stream, and the sphere kept on absorbing it desperately. The more energy it absorbed, the bigger it grew; like the energy was physical somehow. Initially, the sphere was about the size of a fist, but now, it was expanding slowly at a pace visible to a naked eye.

Also, it had been giving out a faint light at first, but now it was flashing with a dazzling golden brilliance, so much that even Austin did not dare to look straight into it, afraid that his eyes might get burned.

The golden sphere that had flown out of Austin was actually condensed and accumulated masculine vital energy which had coagulated wh

rgy stone integrated successfully in his body, he was sure that he could handle them. As a matter of fact, he wasn't afraid of any medical pill or elixir of strong effect. With the vital energy stone, whenever there was too much for him to stand, the surplus would get stored into it automatically.

Everyone knew that Energy-prevailing Elixirs could help fighters make a breakthrough and jump into the Earth Realm, and therefore, there was no doubt this intake was going to improve his chances. Austin had five of them in his pocket, and had left them there for a rainy day. Now was the moment he had been waiting for, and therefore, he did not hesitate to empty his pockets this time.

After putting the Elixirs into his mouth, Austin immediately concentrated the whole energy and murmured the Golden Sun Scripture silently in his mind. Meanwhile, he guided all of his vital energy across all of his meridians at once, trying to throw himself into the next realm.

Driven by the tremendous force, the vital energy started running through Austin like a powerful current pouring down from the cliffs, and all his meridians got buffeted by those strong waves of energy again and again. As time passed by, those meridians became wider and wider, preparing for a qualitative leap into the Earth Realm.

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